Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recently, I read some statistics that were staggering.  For example, people in America believe America is losing its religion.  77% of America, according to a recent gallop poll, feels our core of honoring God is lost.  However, when asked if more Americans regained their faith would it make for a positive impact, 75% said YES!  What just happened?  If we agree that there must be a re-emerging of faith in God and that would produce a positive effect in society, why is it not happening?

As a pastor, every time I see an empty seat on Sunday, I feel so badly.  I know people are not more involved in attending Church because they don’t always feel it’s relevant.  In other words, we know spinach is good for us, but I really don’t want to eat it.  Well, perhaps you would if you learned some creative ways of fixing it.

Church must become a relevant place for people to meet and become energized for their busy life.  We, as leaders, must come up with tools to help people, encourage them, and lift the spirit of families.  Life is difficult with so many global challenges on display daily.  People need answers and at times, a simple “Peace, be still” is enough. As Christians, we have a duty to embrace a lifestyle of loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Helping someone else is a sure way of receiving help yourself.  We encourage our children to grow in all areas and watch who they get involved with.

As leaders of the Church community, we need to always be learning, growing, and keeping our communication current.  The Gospel will never change.  The content will always remain but how we rehearse it, teach it, mentor it, MUST employ the 21st century.  No one wants to be around leadership that acts like their cat just died.  The question we need to ask is “Do I believe what I’m saying?”.  If so, then let’s say it with rich enthusiasm and conviction.  Remember, we must first be able to encourage ourselves.  God called us for such a time as this.  It is not easy, by any means.  But God created within you the substance of an overcomer.  We cannot change people.  God is the only One qualified to do that. But, we can be present in the moment to give the WORD.  The results belong to the Lord.  `People want hope!  They want to believe a better day is available to them.  Show them the way.  Do we, as leaders, surround ourselves with the right people?  We need encouragers, healers, faith builders.  Life is tough enough, let’s not exercise the negative over and over.

Remember, people are policy. Without us raising up great quality people, our ideas will go nowhere.  People are needed to help carry out the best of your vision.  In order for your vision to be accomplished, be sure you are effectively becoming involved with the American families’ vision. Single-head families are struggling. Mom’s, dad’s, and communities are at high risk.  We need to show through great articulation, programs, and mentoring how to get to a better place.  Let’s drop self-absorption.  Drop self-pity and negative emotions.  Let us pray together for a strong moral fiber to re-enter our society.  If polls are a measure of what we really want as Americans, then let’s roll up our sleeves, start digging and believe that a nation of God-fearing Americans is just around the bend. 
Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is there someone in your life who has the very best intention’s for your’s?  If so, you are blessed.  To find a true mentor is a gift from God.  A mentor sees the very best in you and works to develop the gifts in your life.  They are also very desirous of your character development.  To see you expand your vision regarding your life and helping you make great decisions.  Yes, a true “someone” is a gift to be cherished.

In addition to that special person, is our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Clearly, the times we are living in requires us to be alert and vigilant.  Our primary goal should be to allow our heart’s complete openness to the truth of God.  That we would desire to be utterly transparent. With transparency comes an unveiling of the Holy Spirit.  He draws us to the heart of God.  Our hearts move us closer to the Lord or farther away.  God cannot be intellectually understood.  He is so much higher and deeper than any thought we could imagine.  However, our hearts can reach Him and understand His divine nature.  In that exchange, eternal qualities are our’s.  The glory of God is released and upon that release, miracles happen.  The supernatural occurs when the natural is waiting with humility to be touched.

Answers to the problems we face are forthcoming.  All that is needed is for you and I to get into position.  Unity forms a bond between our Father and His creation.  If we learn to love His presence, His will, and His wisdom, we will experience a peace that passes all understanding.  The confusion and heartbreak we see around us will begin to be swallowed up by Victory.

Yes, you are special.  A divine appointment is waiting for you.  God has someone special waiting for you to say “I’m ready for a change”.  He will be sure to take good care of you.  Lead you to truth and a life that is fulfilling.  God promises that!  He cannot lie.  So, try to let yourself take a step of faith.  It could be the first step of a whole new life.  Remember, Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Love is waiting to take you in.


Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie