Thursday, March 6, 2014

Greetings, friend.  Praise God our toes are into the month of March.  Spring is coming and we will again see the sun, hear the birds, and smell the flowers that are bound to bloom.

When the winter season is difficult to navigate through, it becomes wearing.  So, too, when life’s trials persist, our daily routine can be arduous.  However, if we can set our attention on Christ in spite of,
we can remain steady in the storm.

We all know that 2014 has been called to be a year of great openings from the Lord.  He is calling us to be His remnant and to believe for
a great flooding of His presence on the earth.  In the Kingdom of God, things work differently than the secular world.  The Lord wants us to seek Him, be persistent and believe Him for a true difference.  If we pursue Christ, He will open up our understanding regarding needed answers.  His answers lead us on a road of peace and prosperity.  A deep sense of quietness enters our being.  Even if we intellectually do not understand situations, our inner man is quiet.  The peace of God puts a rest in our spirit which calms our daily life.  The God of the universe wants us to lead a life of trust.  His heart breaks over our inability to believe His Word.  

As we are accustomed to natural seasons, we must also believe we have spiritual seasons.  We truly have a spiritual spring coming to our lives.  Spring brings color, a real zest for life.  It represents a freshness that is lacking in the winter season.

So it is with us, our spring of 2014 is bringing a fresh impact of New Beginnings.  We are leaping into fresh anointings.  New Hope in our life for different outcomes for our life.  Winter is leaving.  The death of old thinking, responding, and believing is being replaced with a NEW approach to our life.  If God has said it is our time for a fresh start, then we accept it.  Maybe today it still looks and feels like winter.  Maybe everything still looks gray, dead, and distant.  Stop looking just at today!  Lift up your gaze to the Lord who will not allow you to be denied.  Keep your hope alive by not taking your eyes off of Jesus.  If you need comfort concerning your situation, Christ abounds in it.  If you need His strength, because you’re weary, no problem.  The key here is to not cave in and believe what you see now.  See your future!  See your tomorrow!  See the grace of God being extended to you and changing everything in your life.

The extreme harshness of a winter season guarantees a beautiful
spring season.  The substance of life that was produced in your root system during your trial will result in healthy fruit.  This brings your life prosperity and glory to your Father. Yes, a great day of blessing is coming to the people of God.  He has watched you and me.  He has heard our cry and promises to be the delivering God of this 21st century.  Nothing can catch Him by surprise.  No obstacle can stop His provision.  No enemy can stop His faithful deliverance.  So, let’s allow God to turn on the light.  After all, we are that to the world.  Maybe the light of God has revealed areas where winter still persists.  Don’t worry!  Keep calling, Keep persisting, Keep seeking; it is only a matter of time.  It’s God’s time and He is always on time.

Yes, Spring will come both in the natural and the spiritual.  Don’t forget to say “Thank you” when it shows up at your front door.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie