Thursday, December 11, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        We are approaching the end of the year and if you are like me, it is a time of reflecting on where you have been and are looking to see where you are going.  Time is our friend and enemy all at once.  We all have so many responsibilities and obviously feel the pressure of giving proper attention to them.  However, regardless of your vocation or location our sights on December 25th have a global unifying factor.  The joy of “Christmas”!  The day our beautiful Savior was born.  The day our redemption came to walk on the dust of this Earth.  His very presence radiated an ever increasing atmosphere of quiet dignity.  A peace settled in that lowly manger.  The scene was exquisite with the glory of God.  Man nor beast could do anything except bow from their heart to the King, who existed before time.  Christ embodied eternity.  He laid as an infant, completely vulnerable to His environment, dependent on His creation to care for him.  This vessel of love, purity, honor, wisdom, creativity, mercy, justice, perseverance, faithfulness and loyalty, came!  Oh how He came! and dwelled among us!

        Jesus Christ entered our existence on earth, as a gift!  Prior to our introduction to Him, Jesus was a gift to his Father and Heaven.  I imagine there was a severe tearing when Christ left His position in His eternal home to come and be a part of our’s.  He lowered Himself to the absolute negative in order to buy us back to our intended status…sons and daughters living an open and loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Think of it, the sky opened to the sound of Heavenly angels.  The lowly animals circled around this beautiful baby who entered their home.  They even knew they were sleeping with royalty and used their very breath to warm and protect their new master.  The Shepherd’s came to represent as did the wise men.  All categories were present to witness the night we still almost 2,000 years later celebrate.  Our Christmas!  Yes circle of believers around the world, this is our celebration.  It is our moment to sing, dance, rejoice, because our promise of hope, deliverance and freedom from our own defecated D.N.A. came!  He came!  He came, to kiss our sin-scarred souls and bring the eternal light of Heaven to live on the inside of our heart.  We no longer live, but it is Christ who lives within us.  His very presence indwells in our very limited flesh, to move us from “faith to faith” and “glory to glory.”

        Our Christmas as believers, is to glorify the one who came to bring us a new beginning.  Our life, when touched spiritually starts as a very vulnerable baby.  We learn and grow into a mature spirit-filled disciple.  We start our walk with Christ and realize one day we will come face to face with Him.  We shall behold Him in eternal glory.  Jesus came to us and to our world only to bring us to Him in His world.  Love brought the son of God to us! Love will eventually bring us back to Him, forever. Whatever you may find yourself doing on December 25th, 2014, remember why we celebrate.  All of our beautiful traditions associated with Christmas are splendid.  The food, the lights, our family, friends and fabulous memories, all have their place.  But remember, it is and shall always be only second place.  Jesus Christ is and will forever be first place!  No gift can replace Him.  No sentiment can out-do Him.  Nothing we can bring will be a replacement for the true meaning and value of Christmas.

        Closing out this year, as we worship Christ, may we find a new inspiration in our hearts.  A new level of relationship with our personal Savior.  A new hope bringing us to a “New Year”.  May a deeper revelation of this King, enter our souls and find a safe resting place in our hearts.  Maybe we are facing trials, maybe victories, maybe heartache, or maybe all of our dreams are coming true.  Whatever the season of our life is, Jesus is still the reason for this season.  We are celebrating His birth and our rebirth.  So celebrate friend, with true enthusiasm, joy, and eternal gratitude for the gift you have received through our magnificent, brilliant Savior, Lord and everlasting friend. 

Jesus Christ!!

Merry Christmas –

Until the Next Time

Pastor Kathie