Saturday, December 21, 2019

Just A Thought”

       Many have asked, “Where is Just a Thought?” Since starting my pod cast, I traded one for the other. However, instead of doing “just A Thought” for December via our pod cast, I felt led to write a year end article. I shared with our church family, several weeks ago, and I hope this encourages you especially if you are enduring a difficult season at present.

      “It is Finished” is a three word sentence uttered by Christ on the cross. In fact, this was His last statement before He took His last breath. Wise people state; you always want to lean close to your loved one and listen intently to their final words. They will most likely be remembered forever by the listener. My firm belief is Christ never said anything without a definitive purpose. His words were His life. Direct, meaningful, wise, full of strength, authority, blessing, conviction, healing, you get the point. Jesus Christ said what He meant and His anointed, humble life was all the backup needed. After all He is life, He is the Word that sustains all life and He became flesh, but existed through the Word before ever making His debut in His physical form on earth.

      So why would Christ utter “It is Finished”? Why was this statement so relevant? He could have said anything so what meaning behind the statement was so significant and for whom? Christ wanted those watching Him leave this life, to hear His words. So, obviously strong significance is associated with the statement. It is our Kick off to bringing to our mind, the victory we own because of what Christ accomplished.

        Typically, we view the New Testament’s beginning with the book of Matthew. The Old Testament closes with Malachi. A page is turned and we begin to read the words of Matthew and the Holy Spirit’s leading him to describe in detail the move of God through Christ. However, the total purpose of Christ coming to earth and living among us was ultimately to die for us! His death secured our right to be completely forgiven and restored back to our Heavenly Father. His death secured for all mankind the privilege of eternal life.

      The final words of Christ ushered in this fact, the New Testament , came bounding through with a secure foundation nothing can ever hold you down again. Everything that could rise up to defeat you had now been taken care of through the PERFECT death of Christ. He paid in full for every destructive pattern of sin by remaining perfectly submitted to the process set before Him. The process of destroying sin and never bowing to its seductive power. Never, not once, was the life or testimony of Christ compromised! He won the war of all wars for you and me.

      Such a dichotomy that in Christ final seconds of life, in His complete fragility, everything was secured, paid for and oh P.S. by the way, the enemy completely defeated. When we face defeating cycles in our life, those that creep up on us and we find once again we are lamenting in self-defeat, remember Christ gave us gold. We now can say to those defeating thoughts, patterns, conflicts, whatever may be robbing us of peace “It Is Finished”! Christ took care of our failures on Calvary. Now we walk in our personal victory attained by Christ by saying to our situation; “It Is Finished”. You and I need to say what we believe. We believe Christ took care of sin, sickness and disease. So, when we are being tempted to cave in to it’s seductive power to deceive us from our God-given victory, we must speak the words of deliverance. The enemy knows what we possess, we need to know it! Keep saying the Word, the Word keeps delivering us from all the lies of the enemy, Christ did His part for us. We need to do our part for us; agree with his finished work. Disagree with the liar of our souls, agree with our redeemer!

      Christ never lied to us ever. He cannot. So we have this confidence in Him. We can be free. In fact, Christ died for us to be able to live free. This is so important Church. We will go through difficult times. Areas of our life are stubborn. They have taken residence in our heart and mind. They do not want to leave us. Oh no, they like their area of control. These lies fight to empower us to believe we cannot change. Well on our own that is correct. However, with Christ we can. This is not hype or some positive thinking cache. This is real. Through Christ; all things are possible. All of Heaven rejoices when we believe that truth for ourselves. Christ and all of Heaven take no pleasure in our doubt or unbelief. Even in our suffering our faith in Christ will keep us in a united place of trust.

      No one can pre-determine what life will bring. “Sufficient for the day is the evil there-of”. Tough times in all of our lives is a certainty, how we respond is not. Respond in your most trying times like Jesus did. “It Is Finished”. Christ took care of us and as we follow in His steps, we also, will acquire the victory. It will take time, energy and effort on your part but are you not worth the finished work of Calvary? Of course, the answer is yes. Christ did not die in vain. Now pick up your tear stained eyes, your weak arms and feeble knees. Rise up gaze into Heaven, where an angelic host is watching. Believe you are worth the victory that was won for you. Every time you are pressing through, remember Christ Finished so you too, can be a finisher!! Move on by faith in your life. Resolve now that the gift you are will be used to empower others. Live, prosper, be in good health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

That Is The One You Win!!

“Merry Christmas
 Happy New Decade”,
Prophet Kathie