Wednesday, June 15, 2016

“It’s Just A Thought”

          It has been said, “A man who becomes a father exchanges money in his wallet, for pictures of his family”. While that may be a slight exaggeration, the point is well taken.

        Our Father’s are an essential relationship to every child and family. They provide protection, emotionally, physically and prosper financial strength. The stability that fathers bring to their children’s lives cannot be over-estimated.

        Father’s are his child’s mentor, hero and sometimes strongest example of; “In it to win it”. Whatever else a dad may be, no matter how old his son or daughter becomes his influence in their life is immeasurable. Our prayers for fathers are so important due to their responsibility being so profound. Their busyness can be so stressful, encouragement is essential so they can pass it on. “Special” time with the family is so important. It gives everyone a sense of security and value. Every dad who loves his child cherishes every time that they look into his eyes and he see’s their absolute trust coming back. It gives papa the strength to go fight and slay the dragons again. For their family, every great dad, will go the extra mile to accomplish whatever is needed.

         “Happy Father’s Day”, to our wonderful dads. We love you for your sacrifices. We admire your leadership and protection. Your devotion moves us, your example inspires us, “Thank You” for taking care of us. Our lives and communities are better for your commitment.

        We promise to pray for you and hope you know how much your life means to us, your son’s and your daughter’s. Every victory, every accomplishment, and every successful relationship in our life will have a paper trail back to your example in ours.

“Thank you so very much”
God Bless You,
Your Son’s and Daughter’s.
Until the Next Time,

Prophet Kathie