Friday, October 20, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Whatever happened to honesty? There was a time when a handshake closed financial deals. There also was an era where a person’s word was their bond. Morality and core values held a high value in our society. Godliness was in our prayers and pursuing the truth of His Word was an ambition. We then practiced what the Word stated and passed it on from one generation to another. Unfortunately we have lost our hunger for God and the less we thirst for Him, the more carnal we become. The slope is slippery and if I judge myself by the standard of anything less than the Word, where I end up in the scheme of things is non-negotiable. I can always excuse myself by saying “I’m glad I am not that BAD!” We are here to learn of God through His son Jesus Christ, then do our best by reflecting the love shed in our hearts to others.

        Having said that, what should I be careful of? And watch to see if I may be losing my ground with intimacy with Christ? As my mom use to say, “Birds of a feather flock together. Be sure the people around you are loving and kind.” What is important to you should have a link in your relationship’s. You become like those around you. Keep your moral codes and do not lessen your core values for anyone. “To thine own-self be true.” Remember, we are talking here about your relationships. People who we spend time with. Those we help or spend time ministering to are a different category. They need our help. Relationships of friendship must be on equal ground, so to speak.

         People we spend time with should encourage us and help us on our life journey. We celebrate one another! We lift each other to believe for change and a better life. We choose to be decisive concerning this. No one is perfect, however we all should want to become everything Christ paid for.

        As women we are drawn to strength of character. We want trust in our relationship’s. So, trust Jesus to bring great people into your life. Those that will help you and I to love ourselves. We stay out of the pot holes of insanity. No more lies, no more hopelessness, no more self-degradation. Jesus wants to restore our brokenness to fruitfulness. Reflecting the grace of a kind, loving God.

        We are life bearers. We have been given the grace to fix what is broken, heal what hurts, make something that does not look so nice, beautiful. God has breathed that into us and we need to guard against anyone exploiting it. We have so much potential and those coming behind us probably have even more. Pass on love, strength, hope, healing, compassion and understanding. Always understand, “But for the grace of God, go I.”

        Remember, stay in touch with the Lord, His Word and allow lasting God-given relationship’s to prosper in your life. After all, you are here for a short time make it count for yourself, God and someone else!

Until The Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Pass Your Gift Forward.