Saturday, December 2, 2017

“Merry Christmas
Happy New Year”

     To everyone reading this correspondence today, wishing you a beautiful December. As you prepare personally for the up-coming holidays, may we continue to pray this year will end with peace, joy and love.

    When we see so many fractures in society hopefully we can remind ourselves “Jesus is the answer”. Our whole celebration of His birth centers on the fact His time had come. Things were not great for His generation either. People were in pain, poverty ruled in much of society, government was corrupt, heads of the religious world pompous, women degraded and slaves were usually not treated well. But, Christ, came to live out a life showing “This is how it is done”, while sealing the total deal with His death on an old rugged cross. Unless we explore the spiritual quality of Christmas we will not receive the full benefit of Christmas. Who does not love pretty lights, exquisite decorations, beautifully wrapped gifts? It is a feast for our senses. However, the humility of our Christ and His birth process holds a key to who Jesus came to be and why. He took the low road in everything during His life to show us anyone can start at one place, but our ending can be triumphant. A life lived celebrating a relationship with Christ will end with an eternal meaning.

    We celebrate joy on December 25th due to a baby coming to earth. He was wrapped in hope, love and purpose. The baby grew to be a thoughtful, dignified, loyal, loving, miracle working, life raising, faith believing, joy making tribute to His father. Jesus left Heaven, came to us in innocence, and left us innocent! He now gives every heart that receives Him a new chance to live and celebrate the goodness of life. Christmas trees, music, lights, food, presents, being with family and friends is all part of the glorious legacy Jesus Christ left us. We celebrate the beauty and awe of this season simply because of who this season represents.

    My prayer for you and me is simply may we find a little more room in our “inn” this year. A little more space in our hearts to be kinder, gentler, more gracious. Moving a little slower through our days of preparation for our “Holiday Cheer”. Taking deeper breaths of joy, praying as we go from our busyness to THINK of the goodness of God. The love of God. The provision of God. May we be taught a fresh and a-new of how lovely this relationship is with Him and do all we can to treasure our personal Jesus as the “Light of the World”.

Enjoy you days and
may God abundantly bless
you in the coming “New Year”.

God Bless You,

Prophet Kathie