Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello Everyone –

        Without question we are living in perilous times.  The news here in America and around the world is extremely negative.  If ever we needed to believe the word of God to be completely factual, we need to NOW.  In spite of everything we see and hear, God is by no means finished with his church.  The plan of God will be carried out by his people.  We may stumble, we may fall, we may at times lose a battle or two, however Saints of the most high God, we will win the war!

        The question is How?  At times the negativity of daily conditions seems smothering.  One pop up occurs and here comes the next one.  Only God who sits on His throne can ever keep all of this straight.  We need divine intervention and supernatural enablement to face the on-going challenges.

        I think one of our greatest offensive weapons is prayer.  All of us are flawed human beings.  We all have sin and fallen short of God’s perfect will.  We cannot complain about the problems, we must pray for protection.  Our leaders need wisdom and integrity.  Our President needs our prayers and a counsel of men and women who are capable in their designated areas of leadership.  Beyond that, God and his smile needs to be on our nation to cope with the daily onslaught of the evil-doers. 

        Prayer will open up our hearts, the heart of God and the minds of men, women and children.  Wisdom, understanding and sound judgment, can replace confusion and chaos.

        We are people of God and our weapons of war fare are not carnal.  Our prayers can stop murder, cleanse sin and heal broken hearts.  Clearly, we need a move upon our earth from heaven.  Our heart-felt prayers can hasten a move of God.

        Next, may we please unite in love and brotherly concern?  Isn’t there enough division coming at us?  Perhaps if the church-world lived with the purpose of developing loving relationships and walk out the scripture where Jesus stated:  “They will know you are mine by the love you have one for another.”  With all the hatred spilling over into our schools, communities and world, love needs to emerge from the people of God as never before.  We are connected to our Father, he is love, love is our only shield against the terror of night.

        Please, may we put our differences aside.  Place our focus on Jesus Christ.  Unite around the cross and become the light to a very dark world.  No matter how busy our days may be we can carry the burden of this global war by reaching from our hearts to Christ.  Reach to his endless supply of all we need.  Change will come, we will see ourselves, situations and people align with the purpose of God and eternal change.  Yes, our world is spinning out of control; it is negative and at times frightening.  However, our King is still omnipotent, omnipresent.  He is still very, very, large and IN CHARGE!!  In all things and all our days, “Come thy Kingdom, be done thy will”, needs to be on our lips, to our Father’s ears.  He will answer us, take care of us and most importantly lovingly guide us.

“Until The Next Time”

Prophet Kathie