Thursday, July 12, 2018

“It’s Just A Thought”

   May Blessings, Grace and Peace be your portion now and forever.
    For several weeks I have chosen to sit, be still and get a real moment by moment cadence with Jesus Christ! Like you, the abundance of white noise has been at times deafening. So many voices clamoring for attention. At times it becomes obnoxious. I figured no one needed anything from me until there really was an encouraging word from Heaven.

   To be sure, we are living in very complicated times, yet God is well able to sort through the chatter and give you and I a sure word. He is waiting for us to “cry out” for His presence. His joy is really a cup of living water. His word is fresh bread to a starving soul. He quietly waits for His people to get in a serious posture of waiting on Him, while maintaining a heart of courage. He waits for His people to lift a hand toward Him, knowing full well He has everything under control. Time, places, relationships, our next breath is all in His control. His heart is the only place, to hear correctly and be revived.

   While I can appreciate being able to work for and with God, I am acutely aware being busy does not mean being spiritual. Sometimes busyness actually robs us of intimacy with our beautiful Savior. In that personal, sacred space, between you and your Lord a transfer of healthy spiritual exchange takes place and in that connection, we can take another step forward.

   If you are feeling a little frustrated with life right now, hold on, Jesus will reward you with an abundance of truth. Frustration can get us out of sync with the Holy Spirit or it can draw us deeper to Christ. He has all peace and answers to the complexity of our life. Working through your questions, dark nights, loneliness, and being misunderstood is what Christ excels in guiding us through. He has promised to never leave us alone, stranded on the island of no answers. There is a “WORD OF THE LORD” for you dear one. It may sound selfish, especially if you are a giver, to take large portions of your week to engage in prayer and worship with Christ. However, don’t entertain that thought. It is a beautiful time for you, who love God to get re-calibrated in Him. From that place, rivers of living water will again flow, manna will be in abundance, your life will be refreshed and your fruit from life will be satisfying.

    Revival is held in our heart. It may physically manifest in a location, but first and foremost it needs to be produced within a human soul. God is listening to your cry. He hears you and His people at large all over the world ! People everywhere are asking the important questions; “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” Our church is experiencing new visitations, from the Lord, and we are endeavoring to follow Him wherever He leads us.

    As I write this, one of our Elders was healed during our office day. Yes, God interrupted our office busyness to heal His daughter! God can do anything, anytime, anywhere, He is not restricted by time or space. I can hear the sound of rain, it is coming to us friend and God is getting all the glory. Let Him have His way, re-calibrate and watch how God brings total restoration of His truth and presence to your life.

Pray for the Rain,
Prophet Kathie