Sunday, February 19, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”
          America has become a very angry nation. We seem to be going in a bad direction and if not checked by all of us, something is going to blow. Adults and young people are out of control with rage. We put our hands and use our mouths inappropriately with others, showing little tolerance for other’s opinion’s. Trashing public property is now common place, and we cannot do not accurately HEAR what is being said, because we are too busy re-acting. Esquire magazine asked over 3,000 Americans if they felt more anger this year than compared to the year before. The resounding answer by 49 percent was “YES”. Unresolved anger will ruin our health, our relationships, and peace. Anger is responsible for ultimately destroying whatever gets in its way.

          We can and must fully acknowledge our angry feelings. We anger ourselves by concentrating on the unfairness of a situation. We can learn to look at the wrong of a circumstance without it robbing us of our dignity. As we accept ourselves, rage and all, we can then admit to the wrongness of our feelings. If my feelings go unchecked, chances are my actions will also. At some point, I must be responsible for my decision to act out inappropriately. If not, I will continue to excuse my behavior. Where does that lead to? I think we all know the answer to that. We see the negative over and over again. We see actions, do we like it? No! It is painful to watch anarchy play out. Usually, by that time outside authority must be called in to stop the insanity and restore order. All the while, each of us has that power of authority to hold ourselves in check, so someone else does not need to get involved. Yes, we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves or someone else.
          Have we lost all ability to Reason Together? If everyone wants to see the best for humanity, why is there so much hostility? Sit down, talk and keep talking until we can agree and make adult changes. Can we stop condemning and start healing? To me, the one who just wants to make a point at the expense of the innocent is dangerous. Your ego is too large and all you can see is your point and no one else matters. This is nothing new. The Bible tells the story of two women arguing over a baby. Both women claimed to be the birth mother. When the ladies were brought before Solomon, who was considered the wisest man of his day; He said something very interesting: “Give me a sword. Now I will cut this baby in half. Then both of you will have a part of the baby.” Of course, the real mother said “No” and was willing to let go because of her true love for her child. So, I bet you can guess who walked out with a child? Exactly, the true mother. She really loved her baby. True love will be willing to come together, listen and resolve for the greater good. Don’t ever forget that. Children always want their own way. Mature adults know how to come together.

          Destruction is the path of evil. It will ruin anything in its way. Love will extend healing. Arrogance will be replaced with understanding. After all, whoever thinks He or She is right should lay down their life for the sake of all. The blame game, finger pointing, lying, accusing is getting us nowhere. Jesus Christ who by the way makes Solomon look ignorant in comparison said this for a very wounded woman one day; “To you who has no sin, cast the first stone.” Maybe we could leave our collection of stones in the woods? When no one took the bait, Jesus asked the woman “Where are your accusers?” you see none of us are without error. We all have stuff. However, if we want our idea or solution heard, we better come in LOVE. That is the only working principle that will bring lasting, universal change. Not our politics. Remember: Jesus prayed like this: “Come thy Kingdom. Be done thy will, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Now, I ask you is what we’re looking at resemble Heaven? O.K. then, let’s get on our knees and begin praying. Change must first begin in the heart and then it will reach to the streets of our Nation.

See You In The War Room,

Prophet Kathie