Saturday, July 11, 2015

“It’s Just A Thought”

       Can I have a few minutes of your time? I would like to say if I may, “time out for speech that causes confusion”. As leaders it is imperative to be careful of how we explain our point of view. We cannot muse aloud. We cannot let every thought passing through our mind, leave our mouth. Our words form pictures in our and others thought life. If we are not careful one word or sentence can send our team reeling and lose all focus of keeping a peace filled atmosphere of help and hope.
Focus is the absolute driving force behind anything that is worth doing. We cannot allow ourselves frivolous distractions that take us away from our day. Most of the time things will come our way that try to get our attention and probably don’t absolutely matter. Just because we are in a whirl-wind of activity does not mean it is worthwhile. Is our focus giving direction to our goal? Or are we attracted to our distractions? We cannot just spend time (which is fleeting) on our interests. We must keep our intentions on the purpose of impact. Yes, our goal must be are we impacting others with our leadership? When people are around us our attitude sends a message. Each day is a gift to be used wisely. Our thoughts need a constant editing. It is not always easy but very productive for our emotional health and that of the team.

          Our greatest asset in our spiritual tool box is prayer. Prayer brings to our life the presence of God. He gives us peace, peace gives us the ability to think clearly. We cannot fix everything, only our thing. The helmet of Salvation protects our minds from the dysfunction of our jaded world. How we think, speak and act creates the atmosphere for success or failure. To walk out into today’s world, we must first check ourselves. Bring every thought captive and submitted to the word of God.
          If we keep in the front of our mind this thought: “For today, Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing.” We will dismiss the white chatter, distractions from others and our own predisposition to follow the rabbit down his hole. Our work ethic can make the difference between success or failure. Get use to the feeling of being overwhelmed. That is very normal for the one leading events, strategies and problem solving. However, we must find our way through the maze of emotions and not become a victim to our own calendar. Don’t approach every task on your list with the same focus and energy. You Can’t! The drain will not be sustainable on your body, mind, or spirit.

          Don’t lead from fear. Don’t make decisions from fear. But rather, let yourself take that extra moment to step back and regain composure. May we all try to understand more thoroughly the difference between a situation and a crisis. Certainly most of us reading this are not dealing with crises on a daily basis. We all certainly have what can be considered “big deals”, but putting your calm foot forward and that of your team can make all the difference! Yes keep the to do list fluid and what needs to be chipped away at ‘today’, must be the most important focus on your time. Remember, we have to handle what only we can do. Then let our delegated team members handle the rest.

          Your strengths make a positive impact on the team and the overall project you are implementing. However, we are not great at everything. We are not God, and need to remember if our words are impacting negatively, there will be loss of progress, and a waste of good energy. If we are smart, we will surround ourselves with people who supplement our weakness. They are our greatest asset.

          Give your life, your team and your God the proper respect necessary. What we do, will be what we mentor into others. Let us be careful to slow down and handle life with care. Not every day and every task is always going to be a smooth ride. However, it can be so much more effective if we keep ourselves in the moment. After all how did you get to today?

One Step at a Time!

Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie