Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Just A Thought”

Are any of you in a place called Transition? It is where you define an ending and are reaching for a new beginning. Being moved by Godly circumstances you may be in full agreement with the change. However, with going forward, it does present some new challenges. Not the least of which is, “we have never been here before.” Though, we cannot fully see our new position, we know, we are in too deep to turn back now. So, we utilize everything we have learned to this point and exercise our faith to believe God has “got” this and if we just trust in His ability, we know we can have this!

Our lives can become so entangled in problems, struggles, and shortages, we can become paralyzed with indecision. Therefore, our questions can be very impactful and sometimes we just do not see the answers. This is not our fault, but none the less, it is our problem to see changed. Above all else, refuse to accept your current condition as normal. You have cried, prayed, fasted, submitted and you now must be fully confident that God Almighty has your back.

As we remain teachable and learn our lessons, remain open to all that is around us, we listen better, respond with accuracy and realize nothing can remain the same that is given to the Lord. You cannot be in His presence without changing.

Life is not a quest of successes or failures, but rather; Am I learning? So, in the times of transition we should be asking what do I need to be learning? What should I be focused on? As I take the steps forward, I loose my fears of the unknown. They are replaced with a new strength of “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”

The world is in a bit of a mess. Pride is rampant and so many leaders are blinded. Our fellowship’s have become more socially conscience instead of God centered. Our hope is in this dying system and not in the will of our Father. If the church would get her center right again and be motivated to see Heaven come to earth, we would all be so healed!! Amos declares; “The days are coming, that a famine shall be sent to the land. Not of bread or water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.” The beauty of not knowing everything about your new season is this, God does! When we are squeezed through the eye of the needle, we must trust, trust, trust! “We look deeper, pray longer, hope till the answer comes. We refuse to run from place to place looking for a quick fix. No, we stand on the Rock of all Ages, knowing He holds us in the palm of His hand. Nothing will in any way harm my faith in God. Why? Because I know, you know, we all know he can do it Again, Again, and Again!

This is a time of birthing destiny. Stay in the Word, stay focused on His presence, remain loyal to your God, Your family and yourself. Don’t quit, Don’t get behind, Don’t settle! God has great outpouring’s scheduled for us! Revival, Revival, Revival! Pray for it, See it, Embrace it. Your transition is bringing you to your destined place in God.

God Bless You,
Prophet Kathie