Saturday, April 19, 2014

Usually we think of “New Beginning’s” reserved for the first of January.  We try in every way to embrace our proposed new change.  Out with the “old” and in with the “new”-.  We muster great determination to stand against any thing we view as hindering our forward progress.  After all, we have been here many times before.  This time must be different indeed.  We desperately seek success over age-old habits.

As noble as our efforts may be, perhaps we should view the celebrated “Resurrection” of Christ as our “New Beginning”.  If He walked out of the tomb to encounter His new day, so can we.  It just takes us to believe that no matter what is behind us, as long as we choose to let go, all things are possible.  Jesus made it very clear to His disciples the day would come for Him to die.  In fact, His death was necessary for us to live.  Of course, His words fell to the ground and people heard what they wanted.

Christ came to DEAL with everything we could not.  His life was a moving masterpiece of faith and obedience.  Daily doing the will of His Father. Walking into the public arena displaying the love of God.  Creating miracles for the betterment of life.  Always reaching to bridge the gap between lost humanity and a loving Father.

The absolute generosity of Christ was challenged, objected to, and at times, ridiculed.  People did not understand His destiny and thus tried to reduce Christ to themselves.  Christ could not be put into man’s box of ideology. He was the embodiment of faith and goodness.  Not to be maneuvered by the whims of mankind.

His words were backed by life-giving power.  Those who allowed their hearts to receive were changed. A changed heart is an amazing miracle.  In that small chamber, decisions can be made that have the ability to shape miracle-making environments.  We would be smart to realize that God can change any outcome if we believe.  Death is really a brief transition to another life. Christ proved that nothing was impossible.  He said He would arise and He did.  This proved nothing would hold us back.  After all, Christ did nothing for Himself.  All of it was for our benefit. His life proved that God was with Him and working in Him.  His success became our’s.  Life was to be lived from a state of victory because Jesus Christ is just that.

In this life, when things seem to have turned upside down, remember Jesus is your resurrection.  Do not look for Him to ever be caught off guard.  He never is.  Expect Jesus to turn chaos into peace and death into victory.  Take time to hear His voice.  Listen for Him to call your name, and in that, you will be assured everything is right with your world now, and the one to come.  Yes, Christ paid for everything so you and I could live a promise-filled life instead of a fear-driven one.

Nothing is impossible with God and we would do well to remember that.  We live, move, and have our being in Christ.  This Resurrection Day, may we rejoice in our good fortune of being rescued from death into a life filled with the glorious presence of our dear Savior.  God bless you, and may the blessings of the Lord be upon you.
Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello Ladies,

Well, it is official.  Spring is here.  I know, I know what you are thinking.  It is here because of the date on a calendar, but in practicality, it is not!  Hold on, dear one; surely we will see a transfer from winter to a beautiful spring.  Flowers will bloom, Robins will sing, and trees will bud beautiful green leaves.  Truly, winter has to give way!

So, let’s talk about our fashion for spring.  So glad color is still an important feature to a successful wardrobe.  Green, green, green, is the power color.  Any shade will do but if you are even remotely drawn to it, wear it!  Purple is very strong, too.  Not everyone loves that color but if you do, don’t be afraid to wear it!  The classic look of black and white is huge this year.  I think it is a very elegant look and can accommodate a casual event as well as a more dressy affair.  Clothing also is sporting lots embellishment.  Designers are adding colorful jewels to the neckline.  Simple little T’s, are made to be an elegant masterpiece.  If it sparkles, it is 2014 worthy. All that glitters is very popular.

Large bracelets, full of colorful gems, replace thinner bracelets.  The point, I guess, is don’t be afraid of color or sparkle.  Both are important for this spring and summer.

Scarves are also a great way to bring color around the face.  They are inexpensive and can bring any outfit to a new level.  Remember, our accessories change our outfits for a very reasonable investment.

 If you’re sick of high heels that reach the sky, take heart, flats are in.  They are comfortable and beautiful!  So, invest in several pairs and see what a day walking with your whole foot on the pavement can do.

Leggings with tunic tops continue to be a very popular outfit.  Be sure if you enjoy leggings, your top is long enough to cover your blessed assurance. (Ha, Ha)  If you don’t feel comfortable with that, buy some capri’s, they look great on everyone!  By the way, be sure you sport white jeans with your wardrobe.  Nothing beats it for a fresh take on summer.  Bright colors around your face just liven you up.  Melon, yellow, hot pink!  Don’t be afraid of it, truly it can erase 5 years.  Who doesn’t want that?  Invest in a great blue jean jacket.  It will be your work horse with maxi-dresses or skirts.  It polishes your look and keeps you warm in those cool air-conditioned restaurants.  If your jacket is being worn with pants, let your tee underneath be slightly longer than the jacket.  It is a cool look and hides our imperfections.

Most importantly, keep grooming of hair, nails, skin, and teeth, a top priority.  You can get whatever you need at any pharmacy.  For a meager investment of time and money, you can look amazing!  So many wonderful products are available for us in today’s market.  Now, girls, God is our greatest beauty guide.  His presence in our lives gives us the cutting edge.  Nothing can replace His anointing in our life.  The love of God shining through us is our greatest beauty tip!!  Nothing can replace His love flowing to us and through us.  We are His workmanship no matter what our age, body shape, or dress size.  Always remember that!  We just want to be the very best us, we can be for His glory!

Hope this helps you and you enjoy your spring and summer of 2014!  Remember, you are highly favored of the Lord and God holds you in extremely high esteem!  Make the most of your days here and let’s shine for Christ!!

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie