Sunday, November 29, 2015

“It’s Just A Thought”

        If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. God, Our Father chose to go far, that is why He called us to come into relationship with Him. Our Father so desires the world to see a family of believers working, praising, communing and most importantly loving one another. We are to represent a unity of purpose to those in the world who are looking for stability. Did we ever think that perhaps more people would attend church if they felt it had relevance in their lives? If they could witness a living day to day reality of definition, respect and compassion for all life perhaps they would be more open to HEAR what we have to say.

        The love of God is attained within the context of unity. Unity begins with each individual, hence our need for healing and deliverance. It is not enough to say we love God. We receive love from God and this must flow to others. In our love toward one another we are literally celebrating the presence of God in each other’s life. Our Father wants his children to exhibit the peace of God as we worship our Lord in harmony. This unity of love and purpose commands the blessing of God. Unity feeds our hearts with an ongoing desire for harvest. Harvest is really the demonstration of the agape love of God for the world through us. His living church made of sons and daughters, to God be the Glory!!

         Love is the focus of the Cross. It is who Jesus Christ is. His life was not ministry to crowds, although He did that. It was not His gifting, His ability to prophecy, or laying down His life. The central intention of Christ was to fulfill the intention of His Father; Show the world my love. Love sent Christ, love sustained Christ and love brought us into His all-powerful rule over life, death and the grave. A great out poring of the love of God is coming and with it judgement, criticism, cold hearts, religion, pride and division will be removed. Love will flow like a river and cleanse us all from all unrighteousness. Love will be our virtue. We will once again see without it, we are nothing and all our works are in vain.

        All authority must be governed in love, or it is not truly authentic. Signs, wonders and miracles will be demonstrated in areas of great love. May God be allowed to show us our true condition and the quality of our relationships and fellowship. May we ask God to breakdown all areas of offense and remove our cold hearts.

        As the “new man” comes forth, may we leave behind all of our pride and self-comfort. It is in our sacrifice of praise in our times of pain that we grow into the mature son and daughter. May we choose to forgive and love instead of revenge. May we sacrifice our time to lift someone else up while waiting for our turn to see a greater victory. Our motivation in life must please God, and then we all will be properly prepared to go forth in the Name of the Lord.

Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie