Friday, October 10, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Truly, the earth is groaning. Nature is crying out against the cruel intentions of man. Fires burning, flooding in the streets, volcano’s exploding over beautiful terrain. Tornadoes blowing out of control, hurricanes destroying property. Man and beast alike shaken by the images left behind. What will change the course of our world, Politics? Education? Greater tolerance? Less poverty? I think we need a historical, God-given, intervention, one that changes everything! Not another band aid. No rather a true stepping into time and space by God to change our current direction.

People are slaughtering men, women and children in the name of god. We are to believe that to kill someone unclean is acceptable. So it is, we watch Mother Nature spinning out of control and evil speaking, producing horrific acts of violence spread like an evil, smothering cancer. Many are afraid and losing hope. Our own nation is so under-protected. Who could ever imagine someone could get into the White House? The front door being opened no less?! That friend is a type and shadow. Our country and her front door needs to be shut tight. We must protect our citizens and extended families. How can this nation do her due diligence with such chaos? We cannot!!

Our children should be going to schools to learn and become intelligent adults, able to function and carry justice to the next generation. Families should not wonder if they will see one another again for their evening meal, parents’ need to be free from concern. American’s should not be concerned for their safety due to border issues. Enemies to our nation want to see us weak in our knees, not able to withstand pressure. Not able to work and make life better for our home and the homes around the world. There is much to do to make life-saving medicines for the sick. Invention’s made to upgrade the quality of life. Food to be produced. Fresh drinking water for the world. Oil to be produced. Natural gas to be found. Laws created to protect the innocent and justice given to the criminal. Families enjoying the love of one another, weddings celebrating new families, children born in safe hospitals. The elderly being taken care of and honored for their contributions made in their lifetime. We desperately need the order of righteous government! We need to be supportive of our police, government officials, army, navy, air force and marines. They in turn need to honor their  civic duty to protect us! If we all do our part we can expect a decent out-come. May we become fully-convinced that our enemies hate us, only want to do us harm and are totally committed to their acts of brutal murder. We will not continue to do our part of moving forward as a nation and friend to the world if we are falling apart internally. Our resources will come to naught, if not replenished.

May every God-filled Christian be crying out for a miracle. A miracle of hearts opening up to the Lord Jesus Christ. Hearts changed by the power of love. God is not dead! He is not caught off guard, nor is He out of solutions. Our job is to seek, knock and ask for His infinite wisdom to penetrate our nation. Our prayers can move mountains. Our diligence will be rewarded. Evil can only prevail if not met with righteousness. America is not perfect. We have many thing’s to get fixed. God, however is up to the challenge! He loves for us all to come before Him and see a change. Our very future depends on it. A great awakening is due, coming and will be embraced. God will stand-up for His people. He will use our enemies to end up blessing us. The only way to see men change is through their hearts. May we not lose hope, give in to fear, or become convinced things cannot change.

Never, Never, Never give up!
God will turn this around for
His glory and our good.

Until the Next Time

Pastor Kathie.