Tuesday, January 20, 2015

“It’s Just A Thought”

        A Very Happy and prosperous “New Year” to you and your family. May you feel a renewed energy, focus, and strength resting on your life. May we all have a new ability to keep calm and carry on. Our life and ambitions when resting in the center of what the Lord has for us should bring us peace. We need to be remindful that God is our director, so our orders come to us from Him and therefore He is responsible for the results. He owns us and is allowing us to partner with Him to share with people how wonderful living for the Lord really is.

Not to add more pressure to our already hectic lives but this question begs an answer: “If we are living connected to the creator of all, why should we allow the world to drive us into the ground”? Our response to the craziness we are living with, needs to be “God has everything under control.” We continue to stay in RELATIONSHIP with our Father. He will continue to restore our mind, soul, body, and spirit. We cannot do life by ourselves. We need the courage, wisdom and love of God to keep restoring our soul. May we find our sweet-spot in Jesus as never before and rest in His abundant grace. God is going to show Himself to this lost and dying world. He will bring His glory to the church and once again darkness will be replaced by His glorious light. We will see the greatest demonstration of divine intervention that we have experienced so far. This year will demonstrate to those of us who have fasted and prayed, hoped and believed, cried and struggled, God has no equal. For those who have waited, waited and waited break through is on the horizon. We will all see God move in amazing ways and answer to prayers will be seen. Those of us who have given ourselves to wait on the Lord, will see a great return on our decision.

Let us all look with great anticipation for a new result, to old patterns. We will be incredibly joyful as God begins to draw the lost to Himself in this new dispensation of grace. Yes indeed! Hope, hope, hope, is the engine driving our life. God has not forsaken us and never will. He will bring His eternal wisdom and replace our limited view with an outpouring of His holiness. Are we ready? Change is coming and it is going to come in the twinkling of an eye. The very best to you this New Year.  Take advantage of every blessing that has your name on it! You serve an awesome God with all His intention centered on your life coming through every dark trial. He loves you and will not disappoint you ever! His grace is all sufficient.

God Bless You,

Prophet Kathie