Thursday, November 21, 2013

It is almost here, the day we as Americans celebrate together, a day of “Thanksgiving”.  We sit with our families and friends to express our “Thank you” for all we have.  We can take our blessings, at times, for granted, especially as a nation.  This is why this Holiday needs to stay intact and remind us all how very awesome it is to enjoy freedom.  Our nation has known so many prosperous years due to the provision of our God.  His blessings have given us many opportunities to improve not only our nation, but we have sought diligently to be a blessing to others.  God has been pleased with those efforts and we have reaped countless harvests from these seeds sown.

We, however, need to confront areas of concern.  Selfishness will always be the enemy to Thanksgiving.  When our blessings are not truly appreciated, but rather expected, we can get into trouble.  Blessings come to a nation, a people, families, etc. because of a benevolent Father.  He blesses and no one can stop it!  What blocks God from blessing, is us feeling a sense of entitlement.  It produces seeds of greed and covetousness.  None of which is appealing to the Lord.  He so desires us to reach to Him in humility, acting from a grateful heart.  This is a recipe for joy, even when our expectations are not being met.

This Thanksgiving, may we remember one thing.  Everything we have came from God.  What we yet need will come from God.  Our joy needs to be in Him, willing to receive His benefits on His time table.  Knowing that all things work together for the good, to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

May we all take the time necessary to reflect personally on the Love of God.  He has us on His mind constantly.  We trust Him and keeping our hearts focused on His promise will always make our times of “Thanksgiving” so much sweeter.

Have a wonderful day
and enjoy your family and friends.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie