Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life is a process of learning and growing in our experiences.  Along the way, everything we encounter can be a lesson to make us better.  Humility is an absolute necessity to our learning, so, as we allow ourselves to open up to life, life opens up to us. With the world becoming increasingly volatile; peace, at times, seems so out of reach.  The problems of life can be daunting and when answers seem so hard to find, we can experience anxiety, isolation, and periods of depression.  Shame seems to get involved and tries to dampen us with guilt for our inability to push through our dark emotions.

When circumstances don’t seem to look favorable, we have a great advocate in Jesus Christ.  He has the supernatural ability to CHANGE our natural.  He can get to the bottom of our issues and bring us to a completed end with total confidence; “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world”.  The love that God extends to us is without measure.  We are wanted by Him and His intentions are for our good.  No one has more ability than Christ.  If we choose His love and direction, we can find refreshing even in the midst of dry, lifeless emotions.  If we allow ourselves to embrace our journey, the sweet fragrance of life will again flow through our spiritual veins.

Everything on the roadway of our life will not be easy.  Difficulties will come and regardless of what we may think, if we let ourselves trust God, our times of stretching will produce in us the hope of God.  Don’t ever believe the lie that nothing will change.  Everything is changing, most importantly, you and I.  We are moving to a greater faith, and a greater end.  Our life will keep growing in the precious strength of God.  We will overcome and be a benefit to others.  Yes, our life is being lived out on a well-traveled road.  Many have gone before us.  They have had their share of victories and failures.  However, as we learn from our mentors, may we leave behind to others our faith, our truth, and our passion for a

“Life well lived”.


Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie