Friday, September 5, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Let us for a moment identify the elephant in the room shall we?  Our world, our culture, our global brotherhood is under fierce, evil attack.  There is a proliferation of brutal, barbaric, murder, against those who cannot defend themselves.  We see in real time, children, Christians, and defenseless men and women under the terror of brutal beasts.  Why?  What has happened to our world that this massive unleashing of evil intent is upon us?  The answer to that question is invariably complex.  However, we can understand that a very evil agenda to destroy life and the pursuit of freedom is behind any evil agenda. 

        As Christians, we hopefully have a true burden for our brothers and sisters in these regions of conflict.  I personally don’t think it is enough for us to be concerned for our nation, and the protection of Americans.  We need to be deeply moved by the suffering of those we will never meet this side of Heaven.  We, simply, cannot love God and not be concerned for people who are suffering.  What if we were those living in their shoes?  What would we hope for?  I’m sure Help!!  We would want others to care and Do what we could not. 

        Although many of us cannot pick up an automatic weapon to fight the enemy, we can and must pray.  We as concerned Christians pray for our military and the coalition of our allies around the world.  They pick up their guns and fight against this evil.  We earnestly seek God for protection, strength, and razor focus to complete this mission.  We do not stop praying for our leaders, military, families, and friends.  We take seriously this evil intention we see to destroy human life.  We commit to keeping our local Church’s strong.  We live our faith and seek to be the light of Christ.  We keep loving those around us and encourage our close relationships to live their very best life.  While others are losing theirs, a great re-buff is to strive for the fullest one we can achieve.  We can give to non-profit organizations monetary support in order to help suffering humanity.  We can be more sensitive to the stress and pain of those around us.  Looking to be a blessing and a source of encouragement.  Bringing a kind word, acts of kindness, just noticing someone else and becoming more aware of our commonness in suffering.  Simply put we need love!  The true origin of that is found in our God.  He longs to guide us through these most difficult times.  His love is able to cast out the fear of what we see.  God is in charge, and we are responsible to stay connected to His immeasurable love to give it away.  Only love will conquer evil.  Love will bring healing to broken hearts and wounded minds.  Love will restore trust and integrity.  Love will rebuild broken people, buildings and nations.  We can expect to see a change!!  We can expect to see a movement rise up and make a massive difference!!

        Let us remember, we are the stewards of grace and peace.  Our call to our Father will never be in vain.  If we cry out, He will answer. Miracles are on the way!  Intervention is on the way!  A turn around is on the way!  May we hold up our service people and those who have lost family members.  Let us not live in this great nation and turn a deaf ear to the cries of dying people.  May we join together as never before our love for God and each other.  Watch us overcome the evil that insists on having free reign.

        Never, Never, give up or in to this evil intention to take away our liberty and love of life.  Granted our times are serious, but watch and see the hand of God.  He will move in the behalf of His creation!  He will bring justice to this most dreadful intrusion in our world.

Until the Next Time

Pastor Kathie.