Thursday, January 12, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

“Happy New Year” and may the next 12 months prove to be satisfying in every respect. As this year rolls out month after month we can decide to look forward and make choices consistent with our values or we can waddle through and hope for change. I don’t necessarily believe in “New Year” resolutions. Experience has taught me it is the daily resolution to follow God and His Word that brings to me a good result. Conditions change as I learn to live my life from the inside out. When I allow the Lord to change me, my mind, my attitude, my decisions, my outward situations begin to take a new form and things get better.

I choose not to live in the rear view mirror. I don’t rehearse; “I wish I could of”, “Why didn’t it happen another way?”, if “I could do it over”. The point of looking backward is only to give God praise for helping you learn from your mistakes and be so grateful for the opportunity to make better decisions because I have learned my lesson! This is why from one generation to another we learn, we grow, we push, we live, we love, we change and pass on to those coming behind us graceful mentoring, so the achievement of those behind us can go to a higher level. Consequently, the next generation starts at a higher marking place and in turn do the same loving mentorship to those behind them.

Making an investment for others to do more is always worth the effort. Long after you and I are gone, the light of legacy shines as a guiding pathway for others to follow. Choose to pursue significance not just success. Keep putting a picture in front of those following you of what can happen when the priority is to build something that lasts longer then our life-span. In other words, selfishness must be dealt with. Large houses, fancy clothes, big bank accounts, luxury cars do not denote a satisfied well lived life. Someone watching you who has determined “I will change” because of what I saw in you is what we must recognize as lasting significance. Although everyone likes to be awarded for a job well done, we cannot live solely for the award. Influence is the mark of a good leader. If we can influence a generation to follow after a relationship with God rather than Facebook, what an accomplishment! If a street, building, or statue bears your name that is nice, but it ends with you. Strive to model a behavior that will impact and change a people who will do unto others as they have had done for them.

When we focus on developing people rather than personal fulfillment, we can leave this planet with a hope for it’s better future. People make a difference. Our families, communities, friendships and faith in God are what make life a beautiful gift. Our ability to think, create, develop, love add to the quality of those we touch. As we move into every new month of this New Year, may we ask our God for favor and the courage to be there for someone else. Who knows, you may be molding the next Billy Graham or Martin Luther King.

Think About It!
Prophet Kathie