Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“It’s Just A Thought”

Love is the special ingredient to a flourishing life. Without a good sense of unselfish, motivating, purpose people can get stuck. Family, family, family, is so essential to mold generations of kind, merciful, hopeful children, who then become upstanding adults. Our family gives to us a bonding that has the potential to carry all of it’s members forward to becoming able caring adults. Not only for themselves but for others too. A great nation is built on generations of God-loving, caring, and kind people, anticipating a life of giving back, not just taking to themselves.

Giving is the central fabric of Christianity. This theme and example given to the believer is, God gave His Son. God gave His best. God gave us this earth we call home. God has given, given, given. He continues to meet our daily needs. Therefore, it is now in our new nature to become a giver. There in, is the key, to a bountiful life.

Our culture lacks creativity. As parents, leaders, teachers, coaches, we need to create an environment of thought, ideas and value. Our greatest asset is our ability to think of creative ways to get things done. As a mom, I realized I needed to teach my children the value of honesty, hard work and trust. However, I had to also create an atmosphere where doing a chore could be fun. If they got something from the experience they would usually perform the task. By the time they were teenagers, both of my sons got after-school jobs, worked hard and learned working helped their self-esteem. (Thank You, Jesus!)

Another factor that we recognized had to be dealt with was negativity. When we allow ourselves the continual luxury of complaining, we lose positive energy. The simplest task can become gruesome because of our negative slant. Being a complainer is learned by example. It will kill unity and creativity of anything positive. When our family would pursue the less traveled road of the crowd and generate positive talking points and attitudes we all learned it created life and success. What a joy to feel the reward of “Well Done”. The more we celebrated positive comment’s and encouragement, the better the outcome for everyone. People, and most importantly, our children learn this from a life well lived. If we as parents or leaders can remove the negative from our words and compliment encouragement, we will have a happier family and produce that in the future generation. May the goal of respecting life, be taught in such a way that it is embraced from the deepest part of our heart. Negative challenges will come, but we do not need to become negative from it. Cultivating a positive vocabulary with our families will produce long lasting results.

Being creative in dealing with setbacks is also important. We all have them. Difficulties can be productive in developing character. Everything in life that is worthwhile comes at a cost. The warm encouragement of love can take the sting out of a shortfall and help get everyone back on track. Never let a gloomy outlook replace optimism. Always teach from what you have learned. Remember you cannot lead where you are unwilling to go. Mistakes teach us what not to do and position us to travel a different direction. With what we are seeing these days, could we all perhaps try some new methods?

Finally, maybe we all might try a little less busyness and a lot more interest in someone else’s idea or opinion. Let us all start a daily maintenance of remembering a great life is lived from “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Remember to create in your own head space a healthy place. I will be forgiving and never hold others to a standard that I am not willing to keep. If I or those I am responsible to or for, slip, I will allow forgiveness, but not excuses, for bad intentions. Oh Yes, a few more statements with “Please and Thank You” seem to gain better results. Here, is to the next generation! May they flourish and become true beacons of light. Light has the overcoming power to extinguish the darkness.

Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie

Saturday, July 2, 2016

“It’s Just A Thought”

Hello Everyone. Summer is officially here and is there not a thirst, for the kinder and gentler days that this season promises to bring?

Times are sobering and many of us wonder how will the problems we see in our nation all play out? May I say, I recognize we are at war with Isis jihad. However, I also realize that the level of national intolerance seems to be at a boiling point. I remember the 60’s and our college campuses alive with hot opinions. However, I think we have stepped beyond even the anger and hostility displayed then. There is a deep hatred displayed with seemingly little to no real remorse. For one, who has spent her adult life trying to help people step up to a better life, I am saddened by what we see daily on our news. A house divided cannot stand! America must heal from within before we can be effective from without. Hate cannot destroy hate.

We all pay a huge penalty when we choose to look the other way. Our communities are laying waste from poverty, broken homes, drugs, teenage pregnancies, teenage abortions, rape and murder. Did you know that being raised in a married family reduces a child’s chances of poverty by 82%. For single parented homes the poverty rate is 37.1%. Married couples it is 6.8%. This is not speculation, these are reported statistics from our government. Our families are in trouble. Our marriages are in trouble. Consequently our children suffer. A single mom working to provide for her children, pay rent, utilities, medicine, school etc. cannot be all thing’s to all people all the time. Cycles have to be broken. It never is easy, but it is possible, and absolutely necessary.

Can we learn from our mistakes? Finger pointing, judging, false accusations cannot change our projectory. Hard work, strong focus and a yes to good, a no to evil, will get the job done. We can all learn to become more reflective. Look at what needs to change and begin a determined process to address the situations causing so much pain. I so appreciate my relationships in life. As I meet with other leaders, we work and look honestly to what can be done to heal the afflicted area’s we all face. Together, we look honestly at what works? Where are the results? What would we do differently? Only honest assessments will yield better results. We hold ourselves accountable to achieve necessary changes.

Rearrangement is at hand. Can we drop our fear? Our pre-disposition to familiarity and prejudices. I believe so and we can make changes for the best of people our priority. Make it our mission. Getting in our positions and take advantage of the genius of unity with others who are pushing for a better, brighter future. One that looks right, feels right and most importantly we all can be proud of.

For the things we see, and know are wrong, through a Kingdom unity and strong effort, change is possible. Stop fearing the evil, roll up our sleeves and believe all things are possible. Innocent people are depending on it.  Let’s make a stand today, for the good of everyone.

Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie