Thursday, December 11, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        We are approaching the end of the year and if you are like me, it is a time of reflecting on where you have been and are looking to see where you are going.  Time is our friend and enemy all at once.  We all have so many responsibilities and obviously feel the pressure of giving proper attention to them.  However, regardless of your vocation or location our sights on December 25th have a global unifying factor.  The joy of “Christmas”!  The day our beautiful Savior was born.  The day our redemption came to walk on the dust of this Earth.  His very presence radiated an ever increasing atmosphere of quiet dignity.  A peace settled in that lowly manger.  The scene was exquisite with the glory of God.  Man nor beast could do anything except bow from their heart to the King, who existed before time.  Christ embodied eternity.  He laid as an infant, completely vulnerable to His environment, dependent on His creation to care for him.  This vessel of love, purity, honor, wisdom, creativity, mercy, justice, perseverance, faithfulness and loyalty, came!  Oh how He came! and dwelled among us!

        Jesus Christ entered our existence on earth, as a gift!  Prior to our introduction to Him, Jesus was a gift to his Father and Heaven.  I imagine there was a severe tearing when Christ left His position in His eternal home to come and be a part of our’s.  He lowered Himself to the absolute negative in order to buy us back to our intended status…sons and daughters living an open and loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Think of it, the sky opened to the sound of Heavenly angels.  The lowly animals circled around this beautiful baby who entered their home.  They even knew they were sleeping with royalty and used their very breath to warm and protect their new master.  The Shepherd’s came to represent as did the wise men.  All categories were present to witness the night we still almost 2,000 years later celebrate.  Our Christmas!  Yes circle of believers around the world, this is our celebration.  It is our moment to sing, dance, rejoice, because our promise of hope, deliverance and freedom from our own defecated D.N.A. came!  He came!  He came, to kiss our sin-scarred souls and bring the eternal light of Heaven to live on the inside of our heart.  We no longer live, but it is Christ who lives within us.  His very presence indwells in our very limited flesh, to move us from “faith to faith” and “glory to glory.”

        Our Christmas as believers, is to glorify the one who came to bring us a new beginning.  Our life, when touched spiritually starts as a very vulnerable baby.  We learn and grow into a mature spirit-filled disciple.  We start our walk with Christ and realize one day we will come face to face with Him.  We shall behold Him in eternal glory.  Jesus came to us and to our world only to bring us to Him in His world.  Love brought the son of God to us! Love will eventually bring us back to Him, forever. Whatever you may find yourself doing on December 25th, 2014, remember why we celebrate.  All of our beautiful traditions associated with Christmas are splendid.  The food, the lights, our family, friends and fabulous memories, all have their place.  But remember, it is and shall always be only second place.  Jesus Christ is and will forever be first place!  No gift can replace Him.  No sentiment can out-do Him.  Nothing we can bring will be a replacement for the true meaning and value of Christmas.

        Closing out this year, as we worship Christ, may we find a new inspiration in our hearts.  A new level of relationship with our personal Savior.  A new hope bringing us to a “New Year”.  May a deeper revelation of this King, enter our souls and find a safe resting place in our hearts.  Maybe we are facing trials, maybe victories, maybe heartache, or maybe all of our dreams are coming true.  Whatever the season of our life is, Jesus is still the reason for this season.  We are celebrating His birth and our rebirth.  So celebrate friend, with true enthusiasm, joy, and eternal gratitude for the gift you have received through our magnificent, brilliant Savior, Lord and everlasting friend. 

Jesus Christ!!

Merry Christmas –

Until the Next Time

Pastor Kathie

Friday, October 10, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Truly, the earth is groaning. Nature is crying out against the cruel intentions of man. Fires burning, flooding in the streets, volcano’s exploding over beautiful terrain. Tornadoes blowing out of control, hurricanes destroying property. Man and beast alike shaken by the images left behind. What will change the course of our world, Politics? Education? Greater tolerance? Less poverty? I think we need a historical, God-given, intervention, one that changes everything! Not another band aid. No rather a true stepping into time and space by God to change our current direction.

People are slaughtering men, women and children in the name of god. We are to believe that to kill someone unclean is acceptable. So it is, we watch Mother Nature spinning out of control and evil speaking, producing horrific acts of violence spread like an evil, smothering cancer. Many are afraid and losing hope. Our own nation is so under-protected. Who could ever imagine someone could get into the White House? The front door being opened no less?! That friend is a type and shadow. Our country and her front door needs to be shut tight. We must protect our citizens and extended families. How can this nation do her due diligence with such chaos? We cannot!!

Our children should be going to schools to learn and become intelligent adults, able to function and carry justice to the next generation. Families should not wonder if they will see one another again for their evening meal, parents’ need to be free from concern. American’s should not be concerned for their safety due to border issues. Enemies to our nation want to see us weak in our knees, not able to withstand pressure. Not able to work and make life better for our home and the homes around the world. There is much to do to make life-saving medicines for the sick. Invention’s made to upgrade the quality of life. Food to be produced. Fresh drinking water for the world. Oil to be produced. Natural gas to be found. Laws created to protect the innocent and justice given to the criminal. Families enjoying the love of one another, weddings celebrating new families, children born in safe hospitals. The elderly being taken care of and honored for their contributions made in their lifetime. We desperately need the order of righteous government! We need to be supportive of our police, government officials, army, navy, air force and marines. They in turn need to honor their  civic duty to protect us! If we all do our part we can expect a decent out-come. May we become fully-convinced that our enemies hate us, only want to do us harm and are totally committed to their acts of brutal murder. We will not continue to do our part of moving forward as a nation and friend to the world if we are falling apart internally. Our resources will come to naught, if not replenished.

May every God-filled Christian be crying out for a miracle. A miracle of hearts opening up to the Lord Jesus Christ. Hearts changed by the power of love. God is not dead! He is not caught off guard, nor is He out of solutions. Our job is to seek, knock and ask for His infinite wisdom to penetrate our nation. Our prayers can move mountains. Our diligence will be rewarded. Evil can only prevail if not met with righteousness. America is not perfect. We have many thing’s to get fixed. God, however is up to the challenge! He loves for us all to come before Him and see a change. Our very future depends on it. A great awakening is due, coming and will be embraced. God will stand-up for His people. He will use our enemies to end up blessing us. The only way to see men change is through their hearts. May we not lose hope, give in to fear, or become convinced things cannot change.

Never, Never, Never give up!
God will turn this around for
His glory and our good.

Until the Next Time

Pastor Kathie.

Friday, September 5, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Let us for a moment identify the elephant in the room shall we?  Our world, our culture, our global brotherhood is under fierce, evil attack.  There is a proliferation of brutal, barbaric, murder, against those who cannot defend themselves.  We see in real time, children, Christians, and defenseless men and women under the terror of brutal beasts.  Why?  What has happened to our world that this massive unleashing of evil intent is upon us?  The answer to that question is invariably complex.  However, we can understand that a very evil agenda to destroy life and the pursuit of freedom is behind any evil agenda. 

        As Christians, we hopefully have a true burden for our brothers and sisters in these regions of conflict.  I personally don’t think it is enough for us to be concerned for our nation, and the protection of Americans.  We need to be deeply moved by the suffering of those we will never meet this side of Heaven.  We, simply, cannot love God and not be concerned for people who are suffering.  What if we were those living in their shoes?  What would we hope for?  I’m sure Help!!  We would want others to care and Do what we could not. 

        Although many of us cannot pick up an automatic weapon to fight the enemy, we can and must pray.  We as concerned Christians pray for our military and the coalition of our allies around the world.  They pick up their guns and fight against this evil.  We earnestly seek God for protection, strength, and razor focus to complete this mission.  We do not stop praying for our leaders, military, families, and friends.  We take seriously this evil intention we see to destroy human life.  We commit to keeping our local Church’s strong.  We live our faith and seek to be the light of Christ.  We keep loving those around us and encourage our close relationships to live their very best life.  While others are losing theirs, a great re-buff is to strive for the fullest one we can achieve.  We can give to non-profit organizations monetary support in order to help suffering humanity.  We can be more sensitive to the stress and pain of those around us.  Looking to be a blessing and a source of encouragement.  Bringing a kind word, acts of kindness, just noticing someone else and becoming more aware of our commonness in suffering.  Simply put we need love!  The true origin of that is found in our God.  He longs to guide us through these most difficult times.  His love is able to cast out the fear of what we see.  God is in charge, and we are responsible to stay connected to His immeasurable love to give it away.  Only love will conquer evil.  Love will bring healing to broken hearts and wounded minds.  Love will restore trust and integrity.  Love will rebuild broken people, buildings and nations.  We can expect to see a change!!  We can expect to see a movement rise up and make a massive difference!!

        Let us remember, we are the stewards of grace and peace.  Our call to our Father will never be in vain.  If we cry out, He will answer. Miracles are on the way!  Intervention is on the way!  A turn around is on the way!  May we hold up our service people and those who have lost family members.  Let us not live in this great nation and turn a deaf ear to the cries of dying people.  May we join together as never before our love for God and each other.  Watch us overcome the evil that insists on having free reign.

        Never, Never, give up or in to this evil intention to take away our liberty and love of life.  Granted our times are serious, but watch and see the hand of God.  He will move in the behalf of His creation!  He will bring justice to this most dreadful intrusion in our world.

Until the Next Time

Pastor Kathie.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Here we are already heavily invested in the month of July, and ready to begin August.  Hard to believe time is passing so quickly.  Hopefully all of us are making the most of every sunny day.  It is such a pleasure to be able to get outside and enjoy nature.  Everything is so beautiful, what a smorgasbord for the senses.

        Growing up, I loved the summer because of the intensity of busy schedule’s in our family were pulled back.  During the summer we could just be lazy.  It also seemed to be a season where our family could spend more time together.  My dad would take the month of August off and we would all “hang out” swimming, playing racquet ball and attempting tennis.      The down side of August was we all knew September would bring us back to our paces and probably our ability to just BE together would lessen.  It was the comradery of understanding and care that made our summers so rewarding. 

        So it is, our relationships that we tend, care for and nurture is what brings us such enjoyment.  Being there and showing understanding, giving a shoulder to cry on or a warm hug expressing the joy of victory.  People caring for people and lifting the load of one’s loneliness.  When we isolate ourselves from pain and damaged emotions we suffer a great loss.  We were created to interact with one-another. To be relational and up-lifting.  Taking our experiences and from our healing share the results for someone else’s victory.  Life becomes exponentially better when we add value to someone else.  No matter how long we each may live, alone we cannot possibly learn everything we need to know.  Learning comes in bits and pieces and interacting with our fellow relationships.  We give and take, making life better for ourselves and others.  The design of God is for love to nurture his creation.  We learn how to become more like him by learning how to love as he would.  True spiritual maturity is the result of learning how to lay down one’s life for the sake of another.

        I’m sure we all know the pain of hope deferred and yet God can take all that away with loving relationships.  This is why we need to value those God gives us.  His plan for our lives is perfect and also designed to bring about Good.  We may struggle through issues and at times the stress of it all may seem endless.  However, there is always an ending to a season and the fresh beginning of a new one.  God will bring those beautiful summer days to your life.  The days of rest and tranquility.  The time when being surrounded by love and understanding creates the most wonderful memories. 

        So, although life will always have its bumps, we have a promise of love!  We have a promise of mercy!  We have a promise of starting over!  We can experience the joy of the greatest memory you may hold in your heart, throughout our life.  In our communication between those we love let us remember communicating is to improve the silence.  It is listening with your heart.  This is just what God does for us.  He listens with His heart and speaks into our silence.

        Enjoy your days my friend.  Take everything as a gift from God.  Learn from your living and enjoy August.  It could be one of the best months so far this year.  It could mark a brand new beginning for you and your loved ones!

        Let’s continue to pray for one another and believe for the best.

“Until The Next Time”

Pastor Kathie

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello Everyone –

        Without question we are living in perilous times.  The news here in America and around the world is extremely negative.  If ever we needed to believe the word of God to be completely factual, we need to NOW.  In spite of everything we see and hear, God is by no means finished with his church.  The plan of God will be carried out by his people.  We may stumble, we may fall, we may at times lose a battle or two, however Saints of the most high God, we will win the war!

        The question is How?  At times the negativity of daily conditions seems smothering.  One pop up occurs and here comes the next one.  Only God who sits on His throne can ever keep all of this straight.  We need divine intervention and supernatural enablement to face the on-going challenges.

        I think one of our greatest offensive weapons is prayer.  All of us are flawed human beings.  We all have sin and fallen short of God’s perfect will.  We cannot complain about the problems, we must pray for protection.  Our leaders need wisdom and integrity.  Our President needs our prayers and a counsel of men and women who are capable in their designated areas of leadership.  Beyond that, God and his smile needs to be on our nation to cope with the daily onslaught of the evil-doers. 

        Prayer will open up our hearts, the heart of God and the minds of men, women and children.  Wisdom, understanding and sound judgment, can replace confusion and chaos.

        We are people of God and our weapons of war fare are not carnal.  Our prayers can stop murder, cleanse sin and heal broken hearts.  Clearly, we need a move upon our earth from heaven.  Our heart-felt prayers can hasten a move of God.

        Next, may we please unite in love and brotherly concern?  Isn’t there enough division coming at us?  Perhaps if the church-world lived with the purpose of developing loving relationships and walk out the scripture where Jesus stated:  “They will know you are mine by the love you have one for another.”  With all the hatred spilling over into our schools, communities and world, love needs to emerge from the people of God as never before.  We are connected to our Father, he is love, love is our only shield against the terror of night.

        Please, may we put our differences aside.  Place our focus on Jesus Christ.  Unite around the cross and become the light to a very dark world.  No matter how busy our days may be we can carry the burden of this global war by reaching from our hearts to Christ.  Reach to his endless supply of all we need.  Change will come, we will see ourselves, situations and people align with the purpose of God and eternal change.  Yes, our world is spinning out of control; it is negative and at times frightening.  However, our King is still omnipotent, omnipresent.  He is still very, very, large and IN CHARGE!!  In all things and all our days, “Come thy Kingdom, be done thy will”, needs to be on our lips, to our Father’s ears.  He will answer us, take care of us and most importantly lovingly guide us.

“Until The Next Time”

Prophet Kathie

Thursday, May 29, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        “It” finally has arrived! A beautiful spring that is turning into a grand summer. I look outside and see the luscious green leaves in the trees. Grass that looks like a carpet of perfection. Flowers with rich color and birds singing to the glory of God. Yes, as you look at nature you realize God created it and in return she gives back beauty and serenity.

        In the midst of daily routines, it is a beautiful reminder to look at the beauty surrounding us. Take a deep breath and praise our Creator for His goodness in our lives. As the years roll by you want different things. Our children produce our grandchildren. Our grandchildren bring pure joy and happiness. Which by the way, make our smiles bright. So time spent with them is extremely beneficial. We hopefully choose time over money. Meditation and Prayer. Always making peace with the past.  We seize the moment and don’t over-think the future. If we live wisely moment by moment our future is secured by wisdom and Jesus.

        We learn to enjoy those simple moments that we decide to create.  We realize we all came into the world and will leave the world the same way, we were born and we will die. We learn to love every moment by trusting them to God. We smell flowers, bake cookies or at least eat some Oreo’s. We refuse to let ourselves grow old, just wiser.  Always letting “go” of anger. Never regretting life and its decisions.  Holding to a resolve “all things are working for our good.”

        Living our life in our new spring means we are developing in our character. We tell the truth and speak up for those who have no voice of their own. Taking lots of pictures and being sure they are framed.  Being able to share in other people’s happiness. Sending a card’ and being kind even when it is not deserved. Making people feel important and cherished.

        These are life lessons that can bloom from our life. Just like the bud’s on a tree. Our life is evolving from one season to another just like nature.  So, as we see the seasons come and go, may we fully engage in the moments that make life wonderful. Following our heart that follows Christ. Celebrating “New beginnings” that arise from the ashes of yesterday. Always praying for grace, mercy and the power of God living through us to pass on to others.

Enjoy your days
and the beauty of Summer fun,

Prophet Kathie

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Usually we think of “New Beginning’s” reserved for the first of January.  We try in every way to embrace our proposed new change.  Out with the “old” and in with the “new”-.  We muster great determination to stand against any thing we view as hindering our forward progress.  After all, we have been here many times before.  This time must be different indeed.  We desperately seek success over age-old habits.

As noble as our efforts may be, perhaps we should view the celebrated “Resurrection” of Christ as our “New Beginning”.  If He walked out of the tomb to encounter His new day, so can we.  It just takes us to believe that no matter what is behind us, as long as we choose to let go, all things are possible.  Jesus made it very clear to His disciples the day would come for Him to die.  In fact, His death was necessary for us to live.  Of course, His words fell to the ground and people heard what they wanted.

Christ came to DEAL with everything we could not.  His life was a moving masterpiece of faith and obedience.  Daily doing the will of His Father. Walking into the public arena displaying the love of God.  Creating miracles for the betterment of life.  Always reaching to bridge the gap between lost humanity and a loving Father.

The absolute generosity of Christ was challenged, objected to, and at times, ridiculed.  People did not understand His destiny and thus tried to reduce Christ to themselves.  Christ could not be put into man’s box of ideology. He was the embodiment of faith and goodness.  Not to be maneuvered by the whims of mankind.

His words were backed by life-giving power.  Those who allowed their hearts to receive were changed. A changed heart is an amazing miracle.  In that small chamber, decisions can be made that have the ability to shape miracle-making environments.  We would be smart to realize that God can change any outcome if we believe.  Death is really a brief transition to another life. Christ proved that nothing was impossible.  He said He would arise and He did.  This proved nothing would hold us back.  After all, Christ did nothing for Himself.  All of it was for our benefit. His life proved that God was with Him and working in Him.  His success became our’s.  Life was to be lived from a state of victory because Jesus Christ is just that.

In this life, when things seem to have turned upside down, remember Jesus is your resurrection.  Do not look for Him to ever be caught off guard.  He never is.  Expect Jesus to turn chaos into peace and death into victory.  Take time to hear His voice.  Listen for Him to call your name, and in that, you will be assured everything is right with your world now, and the one to come.  Yes, Christ paid for everything so you and I could live a promise-filled life instead of a fear-driven one.

Nothing is impossible with God and we would do well to remember that.  We live, move, and have our being in Christ.  This Resurrection Day, may we rejoice in our good fortune of being rescued from death into a life filled with the glorious presence of our dear Savior.  God bless you, and may the blessings of the Lord be upon you.
Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello Ladies,

Well, it is official.  Spring is here.  I know, I know what you are thinking.  It is here because of the date on a calendar, but in practicality, it is not!  Hold on, dear one; surely we will see a transfer from winter to a beautiful spring.  Flowers will bloom, Robins will sing, and trees will bud beautiful green leaves.  Truly, winter has to give way!

So, let’s talk about our fashion for spring.  So glad color is still an important feature to a successful wardrobe.  Green, green, green, is the power color.  Any shade will do but if you are even remotely drawn to it, wear it!  Purple is very strong, too.  Not everyone loves that color but if you do, don’t be afraid to wear it!  The classic look of black and white is huge this year.  I think it is a very elegant look and can accommodate a casual event as well as a more dressy affair.  Clothing also is sporting lots embellishment.  Designers are adding colorful jewels to the neckline.  Simple little T’s, are made to be an elegant masterpiece.  If it sparkles, it is 2014 worthy. All that glitters is very popular.

Large bracelets, full of colorful gems, replace thinner bracelets.  The point, I guess, is don’t be afraid of color or sparkle.  Both are important for this spring and summer.

Scarves are also a great way to bring color around the face.  They are inexpensive and can bring any outfit to a new level.  Remember, our accessories change our outfits for a very reasonable investment.

 If you’re sick of high heels that reach the sky, take heart, flats are in.  They are comfortable and beautiful!  So, invest in several pairs and see what a day walking with your whole foot on the pavement can do.

Leggings with tunic tops continue to be a very popular outfit.  Be sure if you enjoy leggings, your top is long enough to cover your blessed assurance. (Ha, Ha)  If you don’t feel comfortable with that, buy some capri’s, they look great on everyone!  By the way, be sure you sport white jeans with your wardrobe.  Nothing beats it for a fresh take on summer.  Bright colors around your face just liven you up.  Melon, yellow, hot pink!  Don’t be afraid of it, truly it can erase 5 years.  Who doesn’t want that?  Invest in a great blue jean jacket.  It will be your work horse with maxi-dresses or skirts.  It polishes your look and keeps you warm in those cool air-conditioned restaurants.  If your jacket is being worn with pants, let your tee underneath be slightly longer than the jacket.  It is a cool look and hides our imperfections.

Most importantly, keep grooming of hair, nails, skin, and teeth, a top priority.  You can get whatever you need at any pharmacy.  For a meager investment of time and money, you can look amazing!  So many wonderful products are available for us in today’s market.  Now, girls, God is our greatest beauty guide.  His presence in our lives gives us the cutting edge.  Nothing can replace His anointing in our life.  The love of God shining through us is our greatest beauty tip!!  Nothing can replace His love flowing to us and through us.  We are His workmanship no matter what our age, body shape, or dress size.  Always remember that!  We just want to be the very best us, we can be for His glory!

Hope this helps you and you enjoy your spring and summer of 2014!  Remember, you are highly favored of the Lord and God holds you in extremely high esteem!  Make the most of your days here and let’s shine for Christ!!

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Greetings, friend.  Praise God our toes are into the month of March.  Spring is coming and we will again see the sun, hear the birds, and smell the flowers that are bound to bloom.

When the winter season is difficult to navigate through, it becomes wearing.  So, too, when life’s trials persist, our daily routine can be arduous.  However, if we can set our attention on Christ in spite of,
we can remain steady in the storm.

We all know that 2014 has been called to be a year of great openings from the Lord.  He is calling us to be His remnant and to believe for
a great flooding of His presence on the earth.  In the Kingdom of God, things work differently than the secular world.  The Lord wants us to seek Him, be persistent and believe Him for a true difference.  If we pursue Christ, He will open up our understanding regarding needed answers.  His answers lead us on a road of peace and prosperity.  A deep sense of quietness enters our being.  Even if we intellectually do not understand situations, our inner man is quiet.  The peace of God puts a rest in our spirit which calms our daily life.  The God of the universe wants us to lead a life of trust.  His heart breaks over our inability to believe His Word.  

As we are accustomed to natural seasons, we must also believe we have spiritual seasons.  We truly have a spiritual spring coming to our lives.  Spring brings color, a real zest for life.  It represents a freshness that is lacking in the winter season.

So it is with us, our spring of 2014 is bringing a fresh impact of New Beginnings.  We are leaping into fresh anointings.  New Hope in our life for different outcomes for our life.  Winter is leaving.  The death of old thinking, responding, and believing is being replaced with a NEW approach to our life.  If God has said it is our time for a fresh start, then we accept it.  Maybe today it still looks and feels like winter.  Maybe everything still looks gray, dead, and distant.  Stop looking just at today!  Lift up your gaze to the Lord who will not allow you to be denied.  Keep your hope alive by not taking your eyes off of Jesus.  If you need comfort concerning your situation, Christ abounds in it.  If you need His strength, because you’re weary, no problem.  The key here is to not cave in and believe what you see now.  See your future!  See your tomorrow!  See the grace of God being extended to you and changing everything in your life.

The extreme harshness of a winter season guarantees a beautiful
spring season.  The substance of life that was produced in your root system during your trial will result in healthy fruit.  This brings your life prosperity and glory to your Father. Yes, a great day of blessing is coming to the people of God.  He has watched you and me.  He has heard our cry and promises to be the delivering God of this 21st century.  Nothing can catch Him by surprise.  No obstacle can stop His provision.  No enemy can stop His faithful deliverance.  So, let’s allow God to turn on the light.  After all, we are that to the world.  Maybe the light of God has revealed areas where winter still persists.  Don’t worry!  Keep calling, Keep persisting, Keep seeking; it is only a matter of time.  It’s God’s time and He is always on time.

Yes, Spring will come both in the natural and the spiritual.  Don’t forget to say “Thank you” when it shows up at your front door.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie