Tuesday, August 29, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Every day we are bombarded with painful media about our nation and the world. The optics are very hard to watch and very difficult to accept. While we live in a nation with so much opportunity, we also deal with great challenges. However, America is still a great nation, with liberty for its citizens to make good choices and its government leaders to provide society the freedom to do so. Granted, we have many stains in our history. Harsh times when people were not kind or fair. However, thanks be to God, there always was a generation who stood up and changed the laws of our society, while working with the church to pray for courage to stand for justice.

        If we are honest with ourselves, the church to a great degree has lost her focus. As leaders, perhaps we need to re-evaluate our concern for the optics of our ministry without considering the content. If we as believer’s are not concerned for the endurance of our communities, families, children and single’s, if we do not instill in people a sense of self-regard, loving, respect, and are not teaching the next generation the history of those who have gone before us, we are very short-sighted. History not learned from will undoubtedly be repeated. Perhaps a personal and collective promise to never forget “Love God and our neighbor” is in order. Stop promoting a life code of unfortunate self-absorption. Hate, rebellion and frankly insanity has reached epidemic proportion’s. We seem as a nation lost in the sea of hate and intolerance.

        Church, we must again believe praying for divine intervention is an absolute! No one is benefiting from bad behavior. It is interesting to me, we will go fight on foreign soil for our neighbors to have a better life and safety. Should we revisit what our foundations of faith are while being determined to protect our freedom’s of liberty and justice for all? Our nation was built like none other. In spite of all our shortcomings, we still have been given a torch of light which our God expects to see glowing in the darkness.

        Humility kills rebellion. It is the antidote for our sick society. Jesus Christ is our only core of true and lasting humility. We learn from Christ to humble ourselves. We receive guidance and learn to change from hate to love. Humility submits to the process and stays with it. Nothing big changes overnight and we as a people need to admit when we are wrong, apologize to those we have hurt and allow our lives to change. Life is much more beautiful with love in it. When we value the impact of Christ and the love He brings our lives, we begin to cherish what we never could in our previous season. If we pray for the love of God to be established once again in our lives and the life of our nation and appreciate conviction as a form of accountability, things can change.

        America and the Church of Jesus Christ have stood together for equality and the right of life. We have prayed through wars, mobs, hatred and injustice. We need to do so again. Believe God wants to intervene in the lives of all people and our nation. Take our light, let it burn brightly, and herald a “new day”! “God grant us a lasting legacy of love in Jesus name.”

Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie