Tuesday, January 14, 2014

“Happy New Year” everyone!  It is going to be a great year for the people of God.  The joy of the Lord will fill our hearts and we will experience a new level of the presence of God in our lives. 

It is not to say that we will not be challenged by the world and life.  However, new strategies will be continually given to help defray the stress of our daily routines.  God has heard the cries of His people.  Due to the fact that we want what He wants, delays will be vanished.  We have been learning to lean on our Master, so we are ready to receive a new mandate of His presence. Our frustration will become stepping stones to magnificent successes.  People will be coming to the Lord.  Their emptiness will lead them to the beauty of Jesus.  He led us, He will lead them. 
For the families that have been hit so hard with pain and tragedy, know that God has not forgotten you.  In all of your pain, God is totally aware of your loss.  Try not to get through your tragedy by becoming stalwart in your heart, but rather give Jesus your total pain.  He truly will bring you into a Christ-filled tomorrow.  We don’t need to push things down and try to find strength to cope.  We need to let Christ fill us with His peace.  Also, when answers are not there, we must rely on the peace of God.  Nothing else can help us in the times of deep pain like the supernatural power of the Lord. 
As Christians, we need the healing presence of God.  If there are areas of our heart that are wounded, they need to be touched and healed.  Where we are in our hearts, will be what we do in our lives.  We don’t want to hurt others because of our own misguided heart.  Let our focus be on letting Jesus heal our bruised places.  Restore our joy and whisper to our hearts “peace, be still”.  
Do not let the chaos of the world hurt your relationship of love and faith.  Jesus has promised to never leave us or forsake us.  We have the concern of our Lord always.  May we stop living, working or ministering from a place of our own strength.  Truly, it can be deceiving and hurt others if we, ourselves, are hurt. 
God has positioned Himself to be gracious to us.  His face is shining upon us.  He wants His people to be blessed, so that He would be known on the earth.  Our praise magnifies the awesomeness of God.  This earth realm needs sons and daughters living under the canopy of love.  This love exalts God for the magnificent, benevolent Father that He is.  The earth realm then becomes transformed by our mouths exalting the power of God! 
May we all choose this year to reflect in our lives who the Lord really is.  He is a God of refuge, an ever-present helper, a redeemer, our discharger, the one who emancipated us, loosed us from sin, released us from ourselves, rescued us from the evil one, saved us for eternity, unchained us, brought us to a place in God, with God, where we are liberated forever and ever, amen! 
May this year of “2014” by your year of change from Faith to Faith, and Glory to Glory. 

Until the Next Time, 
Prophet Kathie