Wednesday, December 4, 2013

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come; let Earth receive her King”.  What an awesome proclamation!  Indeed, a most blessed event!  Joy indwelling in a King who arrived in swaddling clothes.  The announcement to all being; ‘Peace to you, my Father has sent Me because He loves you.’  All we had was the responsibility to believe.  Believe that no matter what we had done or could do, forgiveness was possible.  Everlasting life was our reward and if we would pursue Christ, our destiny would unfold like a beautiful tapestry.  Again, we were only asked to believe that through Christ, all of this could be possible.

The year 2013 has not been without its fair share of difficulties.  People have suffered loss.  Families scarred by tragedies.  Governments on the verge of collapse.  Famine, floods, out-of-control inflation, and sadly, a decline of spiritual hunger in our nation.  It seems to me as if we need a fresh, new, “Christmas”.  The kind that only can come when Jesus Christ is the center.  You know, the kind that entered the world 2,000 years ago.  The one where complete humility, transparency, love, kindness, and joy, come to dwell within us.  You see, the condition of mankind, now and then, remains the same.

need a “Christ-filled” Christmas!!

 Life, without the Giver of life, is no life at all.  We just merely exist.  All is meaningless.  Our life becomes a futile journey of self-preservation and fulfillment.  Everything becomes centered around careless greed.  This is what we are without our life centered in Christ.

We are being called by our Creator to a “New Life”.  A life lived from the place of a “New Heart”.  A loving place of self-denial.  A life of trusting in the cross, to discovering the significance of Christ.  His wisdom guides us to a place of significance in Him.  The more we lay ourselves down, the more we are raised into the sphere of what matters.  A heart that can finally find rest in the sanctuary of an eternal King.  An everlasting Father desperate to reveal Himself to each of us.  He longs to bring complete healing to our most broken places.  Again, what must we do?  Just believe!  Let go of all that might try to hold us back from the truth of Christmas and make a conscious decision to receive Christmas for the unique, pure gift that it is.

This year, may we all open up our hearts in a fresh, new way.  Allow the new hope of a risen Christ renew our life.  As we celebrate with family and friends, keep your eyes on the greatest prize.  Christ, Christ, Christ.  He is the most beautiful gift ever given.  He will never fade, grow old, go out of style or become a passing fad.  No, Jesus is FOREVER!!  Always on time and can outlast every trial of life.  Let’s open ourselves up and invite the gift that will only bring tremendous blessing.   Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Merry Christmas to You,

Prophet Kathie

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It is almost here, the day we as Americans celebrate together, a day of “Thanksgiving”.  We sit with our families and friends to express our “Thank you” for all we have.  We can take our blessings, at times, for granted, especially as a nation.  This is why this Holiday needs to stay intact and remind us all how very awesome it is to enjoy freedom.  Our nation has known so many prosperous years due to the provision of our God.  His blessings have given us many opportunities to improve not only our nation, but we have sought diligently to be a blessing to others.  God has been pleased with those efforts and we have reaped countless harvests from these seeds sown.

We, however, need to confront areas of concern.  Selfishness will always be the enemy to Thanksgiving.  When our blessings are not truly appreciated, but rather expected, we can get into trouble.  Blessings come to a nation, a people, families, etc. because of a benevolent Father.  He blesses and no one can stop it!  What blocks God from blessing, is us feeling a sense of entitlement.  It produces seeds of greed and covetousness.  None of which is appealing to the Lord.  He so desires us to reach to Him in humility, acting from a grateful heart.  This is a recipe for joy, even when our expectations are not being met.

This Thanksgiving, may we remember one thing.  Everything we have came from God.  What we yet need will come from God.  Our joy needs to be in Him, willing to receive His benefits on His time table.  Knowing that all things work together for the good, to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

May we all take the time necessary to reflect personally on the Love of God.  He has us on His mind constantly.  We trust Him and keeping our hearts focused on His promise will always make our times of “Thanksgiving” so much sweeter.

Have a wonderful day
and enjoy your family and friends.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life is a process of learning and growing in our experiences.  Along the way, everything we encounter can be a lesson to make us better.  Humility is an absolute necessity to our learning, so, as we allow ourselves to open up to life, life opens up to us. With the world becoming increasingly volatile; peace, at times, seems so out of reach.  The problems of life can be daunting and when answers seem so hard to find, we can experience anxiety, isolation, and periods of depression.  Shame seems to get involved and tries to dampen us with guilt for our inability to push through our dark emotions.

When circumstances don’t seem to look favorable, we have a great advocate in Jesus Christ.  He has the supernatural ability to CHANGE our natural.  He can get to the bottom of our issues and bring us to a completed end with total confidence; “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world”.  The love that God extends to us is without measure.  We are wanted by Him and His intentions are for our good.  No one has more ability than Christ.  If we choose His love and direction, we can find refreshing even in the midst of dry, lifeless emotions.  If we allow ourselves to embrace our journey, the sweet fragrance of life will again flow through our spiritual veins.

Everything on the roadway of our life will not be easy.  Difficulties will come and regardless of what we may think, if we let ourselves trust God, our times of stretching will produce in us the hope of God.  Don’t ever believe the lie that nothing will change.  Everything is changing, most importantly, you and I.  We are moving to a greater faith, and a greater end.  Our life will keep growing in the precious strength of God.  We will overcome and be a benefit to others.  Yes, our life is being lived out on a well-traveled road.  Many have gone before us.  They have had their share of victories and failures.  However, as we learn from our mentors, may we leave behind to others our faith, our truth, and our passion for a

“Life well lived”.


Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I’ve been wondering if we are concerned with the direction our dear nation is headed in?  I’m not particularly speaking of our government; I am, however, speaking of us, the people of this nation.  As you know, our unique quality as Americans is our individual right to free speech and decisions. We are guaranteed by our constitution to these rights and so far, so good.  If used correctly, they have kept us united as a nation of law and order.

It has been the tradition of our nation to embrace our freedom of making choices a right, rather than a privilege.  Being born a citizen of America ensures us these rights.  We did not have to pay for them or be born in a certain circle.  No, if we were fortunate enough to be born within the borders of this nation, we can and should follow the dream of living free.

True freedom comes from within each of us.  Our moral code enables us to follow the path to a life that we get the privilege to chart out.  Education is key.  Knowledge enables us to understand facts.  The steps taken to obtain our education gives us the experience to live our life, and we need to respect both sides of this coin.

And so it is a sound fact, that we are producing graduates from High School that are unable to read at a 12th grade level.  Students are not performing well in their S.A.T. exams.  The cost of continuing education is staggering.  Add to that this; upon graduation, we have a job market that is extremely sluggish.  So, what does that produce?  Frustration!  Lots of effort, but little reward.  What happened to the dream?
Well, any dream that is essentially driven by the cause and effect of exterior gratification is temporal.  You must be guided by an internal, non-compromising element to achieve not only the goal, but complete satisfaction with it and the process in obtaining it.

Our families, then, are probably the place we need to focus our attention.  This is how the founding fathers created the documents our government is bound to abide by.  We, as a people, are bound together through families.  We connect, we teach, we grow, in love and respect.  These ethics are then taken and lived in society.  Where families struggle with ignorance and lack of resources, there is the potential for things to end badly.  Of course, things ending badly is not just for families who lack resources.  We see those who live with affluence make bad choices.  Why? Because again, what are we teaching ourselves and children?  If we are too busy, what remains externally sound in principals are ignored.   Ignore them, if you please, but the principal will not change.  Life is lived well, as we live with a moral code that is sound.

Obviously, we have been created by our Maker to thrive.  We were not built just to survive.  It hinders our creativity.  We were not created to accept someone else’s control over our life.  We create, we become the captain of our ship.  This, of course, needs to be directed by good morals and proper guidance of one main thing.  I am blessed to be a blessing!!  My life here is not for self-absorption.  I basically need to buy into the fact, left alone, with no proper moral compass; I want what I want, when I want it.  Education or not, that changes by giving myself to someone greater.  I need to let ME worship the one true God and not ME!

This exchange in life should be happening with Mothers, Fathers, grandparents.  Then teachers, helping in their prescribed area.  Schools, churches, communities, are not a substitute for healthy, loving homes.

Yes, our journey begins there.  Sometimes, our homes are places of great disappointment.  However, I think if we work hard to bring healing  through the arenas available, we can begin to get back on the road to contentment with godliness.  This equals great gain.  We will explore these venues later.  But, for now, life is based on our choices.  Let’s wake up and take back our life.  It really is ours to live.  May our eternal God be our one main Source of practical help in charting our course.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recently, I read some statistics that were staggering.  For example, people in America believe America is losing its religion.  77% of America, according to a recent gallop poll, feels our core of honoring God is lost.  However, when asked if more Americans regained their faith would it make for a positive impact, 75% said YES!  What just happened?  If we agree that there must be a re-emerging of faith in God and that would produce a positive effect in society, why is it not happening?

As a pastor, every time I see an empty seat on Sunday, I feel so badly.  I know people are not more involved in attending Church because they don’t always feel it’s relevant.  In other words, we know spinach is good for us, but I really don’t want to eat it.  Well, perhaps you would if you learned some creative ways of fixing it.

Church must become a relevant place for people to meet and become energized for their busy life.  We, as leaders, must come up with tools to help people, encourage them, and lift the spirit of families.  Life is difficult with so many global challenges on display daily.  People need answers and at times, a simple “Peace, be still” is enough. As Christians, we have a duty to embrace a lifestyle of loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Helping someone else is a sure way of receiving help yourself.  We encourage our children to grow in all areas and watch who they get involved with.

As leaders of the Church community, we need to always be learning, growing, and keeping our communication current.  The Gospel will never change.  The content will always remain but how we rehearse it, teach it, mentor it, MUST employ the 21st century.  No one wants to be around leadership that acts like their cat just died.  The question we need to ask is “Do I believe what I’m saying?”.  If so, then let’s say it with rich enthusiasm and conviction.  Remember, we must first be able to encourage ourselves.  God called us for such a time as this.  It is not easy, by any means.  But God created within you the substance of an overcomer.  We cannot change people.  God is the only One qualified to do that. But, we can be present in the moment to give the WORD.  The results belong to the Lord.  `People want hope!  They want to believe a better day is available to them.  Show them the way.  Do we, as leaders, surround ourselves with the right people?  We need encouragers, healers, faith builders.  Life is tough enough, let’s not exercise the negative over and over.

Remember, people are policy. Without us raising up great quality people, our ideas will go nowhere.  People are needed to help carry out the best of your vision.  In order for your vision to be accomplished, be sure you are effectively becoming involved with the American families’ vision. Single-head families are struggling. Mom’s, dad’s, and communities are at high risk.  We need to show through great articulation, programs, and mentoring how to get to a better place.  Let’s drop self-absorption.  Drop self-pity and negative emotions.  Let us pray together for a strong moral fiber to re-enter our society.  If polls are a measure of what we really want as Americans, then let’s roll up our sleeves, start digging and believe that a nation of God-fearing Americans is just around the bend. 
Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is there someone in your life who has the very best intention’s for your’s?  If so, you are blessed.  To find a true mentor is a gift from God.  A mentor sees the very best in you and works to develop the gifts in your life.  They are also very desirous of your character development.  To see you expand your vision regarding your life and helping you make great decisions.  Yes, a true “someone” is a gift to be cherished.

In addition to that special person, is our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Clearly, the times we are living in requires us to be alert and vigilant.  Our primary goal should be to allow our heart’s complete openness to the truth of God.  That we would desire to be utterly transparent. With transparency comes an unveiling of the Holy Spirit.  He draws us to the heart of God.  Our hearts move us closer to the Lord or farther away.  God cannot be intellectually understood.  He is so much higher and deeper than any thought we could imagine.  However, our hearts can reach Him and understand His divine nature.  In that exchange, eternal qualities are our’s.  The glory of God is released and upon that release, miracles happen.  The supernatural occurs when the natural is waiting with humility to be touched.

Answers to the problems we face are forthcoming.  All that is needed is for you and I to get into position.  Unity forms a bond between our Father and His creation.  If we learn to love His presence, His will, and His wisdom, we will experience a peace that passes all understanding.  The confusion and heartbreak we see around us will begin to be swallowed up by Victory.

Yes, you are special.  A divine appointment is waiting for you.  God has someone special waiting for you to say “I’m ready for a change”.  He will be sure to take good care of you.  Lead you to truth and a life that is fulfilling.  God promises that!  He cannot lie.  So, try to let yourself take a step of faith.  It could be the first step of a whole new life.  Remember, Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Love is waiting to take you in.


Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love is calling to the broken of heart, the lonely of soul, and that one who is desperate for a new beginning.  A new dispensation of grace is being poured out from Heaven upon us to believe; that our future is still full of promise.

We do not need to expect a fruitless future.  We can move with confidence knowing that even in disappointment, God is still able to bring perfect closure.

The great gift that knowing Jesus brings to us is a new beginning!  Faith in His ability to perform for us the impossible, allows there to be endings, so we can advance to our beginnings.  No longer do we need to walk through our life with heavy weights of extra baggage.  We are not designed to carry the old negativity of our lives.  Rather, God wants to gather all of our life’s ingredients and create continuous levels of understanding and poise.

Focusing on where we are going can only take place when we deal with where we have been.  We leave the situation of life in the hands of our Father.  We learn our lessons and embrace everything as working for our good and a God-given result.  What we gain increases us as a person and is a benefit to others in need.  You and I were not singled out by God to solve all of life’s mysteries but we are called to help make things better for others.  Instead of allowing ourselves to lose hope, when being pressed, we should understand that as long as we keep our hearts open to His love, we cannot fail.  Jesus went through too much agony for us to live defeated.  The enemy of our soul relishes in lying to us concerning our future.  He is desperate.  Understand, because his weapon of choice is to blind you, keep you locked down in hopelessness, and cause you to give up.  Even if you feel another step forward is impossible for you to achieve, do it to make your enemy embarrassed at your achievement.

Love will never fail, never give up, and always rejoice when truth wins out.  The truth here is you, our brothers, and sisters, are made in the image of God.  We are on the level of “It is well with my soul”.  Take the very best of what Jesus has to offer you; closure, so you can begin afresh and brand new.

This is Love Calling
Out to the Broken.
In Jesus’ Name.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Monday, May 13, 2013

We sing a song in our church, “Did you feel the mountains tremble? and did you hear the people roar? Our precious Jesus Christ is Lord.”  It is a marvelous song of victory.

Praise God!  As Christians, we celebrated Resurrection Sunday, and our victory in Christ.  Oh, death where is your sting?  Where is your victory?  Death has been swallowed up by the resurrection of our dear Savior.  Because Jesus lives, we live!  Jesus is our victory over sin, sickness, and death.  We are all just passing through this life, but we are not to view Earth as our home.  Jesus Christ is waiting for us in our eternal home.  One day, we will be united with those that have gone before us and with our precious Christ.

This earth realm is a place for us to live and be the extension of God and His love.  We are given the opportunity to live with joy, putting our hand to the plow of life making a garden for the glory of our God.  We exist for His good pleasure.  We live and have our being because of Him, and every one of us was created for purpose.  Our job is to connect with that.

No job is demeaning if done for the glory of God.  Whatever is in your hand to do, do it with all of your heart.  As we find our passion in loving Jesus, He will teach us how to become vessels of honor.  Stop arguing with the voices that tell you, life will never change.  If you are changing, then what is around you has to change.  The Spirit of Christ lives in you.  He cannot fail, and if you and I do not give up, but continue to press into the love and wisdom of God, we will see change come to the bleakest of circumstances.

America is still poised to be a great nation.  What God has started, He will finish.   We, as  men  and  women  of  God,  must cling as never before to the Word of God.  He will defeat all darkness with His light.  When we freely engage with His purposes, we will see things move from the negative side to the positive.  It will be a fight; it will take a firm decision, but we must  “stand, having done all, stand”!  God will do our fighting.  He has the strength, might, power, and final authority.

Yes, Church, it may at times, seem as if everything is eroding under our feet.  We may feel overwhelmed by the news or circumstances of our life.  However, God is still a reliable Father.  He holds the answers to our problems.  Our hope, grounded in love, will bring us safely home.  While we pass here, let us worship our Christ with a voice of gratitude.  Oh yes, the mountains will tremble at the Word of God.  People, rejoice; He has not changed.  His eternal favor is upon us forever.  To God be the Glory, forever and ever.

Till the next time,
Prophet Kathie