Saturday, December 2, 2017

“Merry Christmas
Happy New Year”

     To everyone reading this correspondence today, wishing you a beautiful December. As you prepare personally for the up-coming holidays, may we continue to pray this year will end with peace, joy and love.

    When we see so many fractures in society hopefully we can remind ourselves “Jesus is the answer”. Our whole celebration of His birth centers on the fact His time had come. Things were not great for His generation either. People were in pain, poverty ruled in much of society, government was corrupt, heads of the religious world pompous, women degraded and slaves were usually not treated well. But, Christ, came to live out a life showing “This is how it is done”, while sealing the total deal with His death on an old rugged cross. Unless we explore the spiritual quality of Christmas we will not receive the full benefit of Christmas. Who does not love pretty lights, exquisite decorations, beautifully wrapped gifts? It is a feast for our senses. However, the humility of our Christ and His birth process holds a key to who Jesus came to be and why. He took the low road in everything during His life to show us anyone can start at one place, but our ending can be triumphant. A life lived celebrating a relationship with Christ will end with an eternal meaning.

    We celebrate joy on December 25th due to a baby coming to earth. He was wrapped in hope, love and purpose. The baby grew to be a thoughtful, dignified, loyal, loving, miracle working, life raising, faith believing, joy making tribute to His father. Jesus left Heaven, came to us in innocence, and left us innocent! He now gives every heart that receives Him a new chance to live and celebrate the goodness of life. Christmas trees, music, lights, food, presents, being with family and friends is all part of the glorious legacy Jesus Christ left us. We celebrate the beauty and awe of this season simply because of who this season represents.

    My prayer for you and me is simply may we find a little more room in our “inn” this year. A little more space in our hearts to be kinder, gentler, more gracious. Moving a little slower through our days of preparation for our “Holiday Cheer”. Taking deeper breaths of joy, praying as we go from our busyness to THINK of the goodness of God. The love of God. The provision of God. May we be taught a fresh and a-new of how lovely this relationship is with Him and do all we can to treasure our personal Jesus as the “Light of the World”.

Enjoy you days and
may God abundantly bless
you in the coming “New Year”.

God Bless You,

Prophet Kathie

Friday, October 20, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Whatever happened to honesty? There was a time when a handshake closed financial deals. There also was an era where a person’s word was their bond. Morality and core values held a high value in our society. Godliness was in our prayers and pursuing the truth of His Word was an ambition. We then practiced what the Word stated and passed it on from one generation to another. Unfortunately we have lost our hunger for God and the less we thirst for Him, the more carnal we become. The slope is slippery and if I judge myself by the standard of anything less than the Word, where I end up in the scheme of things is non-negotiable. I can always excuse myself by saying “I’m glad I am not that BAD!” We are here to learn of God through His son Jesus Christ, then do our best by reflecting the love shed in our hearts to others.

        Having said that, what should I be careful of? And watch to see if I may be losing my ground with intimacy with Christ? As my mom use to say, “Birds of a feather flock together. Be sure the people around you are loving and kind.” What is important to you should have a link in your relationship’s. You become like those around you. Keep your moral codes and do not lessen your core values for anyone. “To thine own-self be true.” Remember, we are talking here about your relationships. People who we spend time with. Those we help or spend time ministering to are a different category. They need our help. Relationships of friendship must be on equal ground, so to speak.

         People we spend time with should encourage us and help us on our life journey. We celebrate one another! We lift each other to believe for change and a better life. We choose to be decisive concerning this. No one is perfect, however we all should want to become everything Christ paid for.

        As women we are drawn to strength of character. We want trust in our relationship’s. So, trust Jesus to bring great people into your life. Those that will help you and I to love ourselves. We stay out of the pot holes of insanity. No more lies, no more hopelessness, no more self-degradation. Jesus wants to restore our brokenness to fruitfulness. Reflecting the grace of a kind, loving God.

        We are life bearers. We have been given the grace to fix what is broken, heal what hurts, make something that does not look so nice, beautiful. God has breathed that into us and we need to guard against anyone exploiting it. We have so much potential and those coming behind us probably have even more. Pass on love, strength, hope, healing, compassion and understanding. Always understand, “But for the grace of God, go I.”

        Remember, stay in touch with the Lord, His Word and allow lasting God-given relationship’s to prosper in your life. After all, you are here for a short time make it count for yourself, God and someone else!

Until The Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Pass Your Gift Forward.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

        Every day we are bombarded with painful media about our nation and the world. The optics are very hard to watch and very difficult to accept. While we live in a nation with so much opportunity, we also deal with great challenges. However, America is still a great nation, with liberty for its citizens to make good choices and its government leaders to provide society the freedom to do so. Granted, we have many stains in our history. Harsh times when people were not kind or fair. However, thanks be to God, there always was a generation who stood up and changed the laws of our society, while working with the church to pray for courage to stand for justice.

        If we are honest with ourselves, the church to a great degree has lost her focus. As leaders, perhaps we need to re-evaluate our concern for the optics of our ministry without considering the content. If we as believer’s are not concerned for the endurance of our communities, families, children and single’s, if we do not instill in people a sense of self-regard, loving, respect, and are not teaching the next generation the history of those who have gone before us, we are very short-sighted. History not learned from will undoubtedly be repeated. Perhaps a personal and collective promise to never forget “Love God and our neighbor” is in order. Stop promoting a life code of unfortunate self-absorption. Hate, rebellion and frankly insanity has reached epidemic proportion’s. We seem as a nation lost in the sea of hate and intolerance.

        Church, we must again believe praying for divine intervention is an absolute! No one is benefiting from bad behavior. It is interesting to me, we will go fight on foreign soil for our neighbors to have a better life and safety. Should we revisit what our foundations of faith are while being determined to protect our freedom’s of liberty and justice for all? Our nation was built like none other. In spite of all our shortcomings, we still have been given a torch of light which our God expects to see glowing in the darkness.

        Humility kills rebellion. It is the antidote for our sick society. Jesus Christ is our only core of true and lasting humility. We learn from Christ to humble ourselves. We receive guidance and learn to change from hate to love. Humility submits to the process and stays with it. Nothing big changes overnight and we as a people need to admit when we are wrong, apologize to those we have hurt and allow our lives to change. Life is much more beautiful with love in it. When we value the impact of Christ and the love He brings our lives, we begin to cherish what we never could in our previous season. If we pray for the love of God to be established once again in our lives and the life of our nation and appreciate conviction as a form of accountability, things can change.

        America and the Church of Jesus Christ have stood together for equality and the right of life. We have prayed through wars, mobs, hatred and injustice. We need to do so again. Believe God wants to intervene in the lives of all people and our nation. Take our light, let it burn brightly, and herald a “new day”! “God grant us a lasting legacy of love in Jesus name.”

Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie

Monday, July 10, 2017

               “It’s Just A Thought”

        All of us have been made in the image of our creator. Our rights, dignity, gifts, and freedoms, were always meant to be used as a benefit for our life, others, and to glorify God. As we mature in our spiritual gifting’s, character, emotions and intellect, we realize that by giving our gift away we learn the lesson of the “Secret Sauce” for life. We are the workmanship of God. We are unique, special, not made on an assembly line, but rather in the heart of God for a particular purpose. We are the original creation of an original God. Our destiny is wrapped in external purpose designed to bring blessings to our generation, and those yet to come. If we pray and seek the will of God we will be led to discover a life of richness and joy. He will guide us through our “genuine” life experiences to find our place on this planet and the reason for our existence. Although we were created equal by our Lord’s measurement, we should always guard our thoughts and actions. Too many of us believe a bad report about ourselves and thus hinder the uniqueness of our life journey.

        Only believers receive God empowered abilities. These abilities are meant to serve God and bless others. You see, our Father wants His church family to truly realize we have been “called out”. We have within the framework of the family to meet every need. We pray prayers that changes situations, and within the family we find there is more than enough! We are truly blessed in our connection to our Lord and the life flow from our creator floods us with the Spirit of more than enough! No one should be found wanting if we stay true to our spiritual framework.We cannot earn the Love of God, neither do we deserve it! Everything from our Father is a GIFT!! The gift pours from Him to us and we allow these special gifts to flow to others. Remember our gift will make room for itself. In each of us is the great hope from God that we learn how to depend on each other.

        Since everything we have has been gifted to us from God we do not own them. Rather, freely we have received, freely we give. It will be returned to you by God through a plethora of means. The body of Christ is meant to care for her-self by the empowering grace of Almighty God. Serve God from your heart, you will know you are when you do so with enthusiasm. No one has to motivate you, challenge you, or check up on you. You do it for the shear enjoyment of it and you are not looking for rewards, applause, or payment. You love serving in the capacity that you are in. Passion drives perfection. If you don’t care about what you are doing you probably will never be good at it. The greatest achievers are those who do what they do out of passion. So, pray, listen, and get in tune with your gifting’s and calling. We all need you and are waiting for you to step up, move out, bless those around you and give all the glory back to God! Believe, and you will love your journey!

God Bless You,
Until The Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Thursday, June 15, 2017

                 “It’s Just A Thought”

Happy Father’s Day!

In a few days, we will celebrate our “Dad’s”. Families will gather together and show their father’s how much he is loved. Cards will be distributed, gifts will be exchanged and “Dad” will be made to feel super loved, a super hero, and #1.

Families who have a caring dad are blessed. It also is a proven fact for families to have a father who is present for his children, have a much better outcome than those who do not. A loving father builds a family from the inside out. He brings emotional, physical and spiritual dignity to his loved ones. One look into his eyes guarantees “Everything is going to be all right”. For a child this is epic.

Holding a family together with loving leadership is not always easy. We are real people living together as a family, engaging in a complex world, working through personal issues. There needs to be a constant within all the variables life gives to us. Somehow this unique responsibility of protecting and leading has been wired into our outstanding Fathers. They love to provide for their loved ones while daily slaying the dragon. Yes, good dad’s are eager to be the role model for their children and enjoy the fruit of their labor, every time their child excels in life. Proper instruction results in happy lives, and brings a sense of peace to the whole family.

What can we do to show our love and gratitude to the fathers who give so much? I think true understanding of their uniqueness is important. Sometimes it can be difficult for dad to express his thoughts, concerns, or fears. He needs to feel from his family a deep respect for who he is and all he tries to do.

We can welcome him home and lavish him with loving compliments. We can show our eagerness to be loving and present for him. It is the little things that establish the big results. Here are a few suggestions:

·         Show Dad Kindness.
·         Show an Interest in his daily routine.
·         Tell Him over and over ‘I Love You.’ And ‘I Respect You.’
·         Show Dad respect with obedience.
·         Never take Dad for granted.

Life is a process of growing. As we move into different seasons, may we remember family is our greatest asset. Keep giving and receiving understanding, love and respect. These three ingredients will produce an everlasting, positive, result. We all make mistakes and there are times we wish we could do somethings over. We are fallible human beings and with the grace of God as we grow we will be able to make less of them. However, keeping love as our focus, each member of this great human relationship called family grows and produces a living generational legacy. Who does not want that?

“Thank You” to every Dad who lives to give his family the love and understanding they need. May you live long, enjoy your children and grandchildren. May you see the labor of your love, live on in your children as they repeat all the wonderful values you instilled in them. Don’t get weary in well doing, never give up, your kindness, your love, and honor, will live on forever.

God Bless You,
Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! For those of us fortunate to still have our mom with us, we have another opportunity to say “Thank You”.

Although men have come a long way since the 60’s, only a woman can understand the miracle of life. As women we have been given the privilege by our creator to carry life and give life. Sure there are the days that we all have wondered “What’s next?” Too much to do and so little time to do it. Eventually, we figure it all out and life rolls forward. The seasons we face continue to flow and we watch our children grow, mature, sometimes fail, but always as we pray for them, we ponder all of the experiences in our heart, “Thank God” and leave the results to Him.

Wherever you are in life and whatever stage your children are in, know this, you are so important for the next generation. Our boys and girls need to know they are loved and above all ‘special ’. When they walk into the room, we need to be sure they understand how valued their life is. “Congratulations”, for the labor of love, understanding and your beautiful inspiration. You are the best and hopefully this poem will bless you.

A Mother's Love

A Mother's love is something that no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it or take that love away . . .
It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters even though the heart is breaking . . .
It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems . . .
It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation . . .
A many splendored miracle man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence of God's tender guiding hand.

Helen Steiner Rice

Until The Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

Choice is a gift that we own as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom. We are able to exercise our free will and as believers hopefully we surrender to the Word of God as we make our decisions. Connecting our decisions by faith, to Christ led by wisdom, make them become divine. Every decision made by choice has attached to it a process. Where we are today, is a combination of everyday decisions let’s see how we can make good ones.

·        All successful people often joke that it took years to become an overnight wonder. It is the daily faithfulness to do mundane things well to develop productive habits and to remain faithful that eventually leads to successful endings. When we decide to serve life faithfully everyday favor leads us to great places. As women learning to become faithful, patient, influencers we can change another generation for good.

·        Refuse to allow things to get in our way. Determine if you’re headed in the right direction, if not change course and get on the right track. God does not want you to juggle so many balls that it feels impossible to keep going and impossible to stop. Learning to say no might help, you cannot do everything. Really, you cannot. Wait, get some good rest and get some godly wisdom from people you trust.

·        Stay where God planted you. When things get tough we sometimes want to throw our hands up and quit. Before making that decision, perhaps we should ask God first: “What do you want me to do?” Walking away may look very inviting, but what can God do if you have the courage to stay? Allow God His opportunity to turn things around, that is a GOOD decision.

·        Move as God says to. When God gives us a direction to move into, it can be scary. We usually want details and a sound assurance all will be well. However, God does not lead in that manner. He expects us to follow His directive by faith, trusting in a positive outcome.

We can be assured the road less travelled will be hard. You don’t need a detailed plan following the Lord, you need faith! You need to keep doing what you have done that brought you to this new place. Keep placing your trust and decisions on the faithfulness of God.

Try to remember the journey is everything. The day to day walk with the Holy Spirit is a thrill. How God is able to change us along the way while enabling us to a victory is everything. Your purpose is performed every day of your life; choose wisely. Your destiny is to be with Christ in Heaven forever. Enjoying His presence and rejoicing over His daily provision that got you through your day, to day.

God Bless You!

Prophet Kathie

Sunday, February 19, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”
          America has become a very angry nation. We seem to be going in a bad direction and if not checked by all of us, something is going to blow. Adults and young people are out of control with rage. We put our hands and use our mouths inappropriately with others, showing little tolerance for other’s opinion’s. Trashing public property is now common place, and we cannot do not accurately HEAR what is being said, because we are too busy re-acting. Esquire magazine asked over 3,000 Americans if they felt more anger this year than compared to the year before. The resounding answer by 49 percent was “YES”. Unresolved anger will ruin our health, our relationships, and peace. Anger is responsible for ultimately destroying whatever gets in its way.

          We can and must fully acknowledge our angry feelings. We anger ourselves by concentrating on the unfairness of a situation. We can learn to look at the wrong of a circumstance without it robbing us of our dignity. As we accept ourselves, rage and all, we can then admit to the wrongness of our feelings. If my feelings go unchecked, chances are my actions will also. At some point, I must be responsible for my decision to act out inappropriately. If not, I will continue to excuse my behavior. Where does that lead to? I think we all know the answer to that. We see the negative over and over again. We see actions, do we like it? No! It is painful to watch anarchy play out. Usually, by that time outside authority must be called in to stop the insanity and restore order. All the while, each of us has that power of authority to hold ourselves in check, so someone else does not need to get involved. Yes, we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves or someone else.
          Have we lost all ability to Reason Together? If everyone wants to see the best for humanity, why is there so much hostility? Sit down, talk and keep talking until we can agree and make adult changes. Can we stop condemning and start healing? To me, the one who just wants to make a point at the expense of the innocent is dangerous. Your ego is too large and all you can see is your point and no one else matters. This is nothing new. The Bible tells the story of two women arguing over a baby. Both women claimed to be the birth mother. When the ladies were brought before Solomon, who was considered the wisest man of his day; He said something very interesting: “Give me a sword. Now I will cut this baby in half. Then both of you will have a part of the baby.” Of course, the real mother said “No” and was willing to let go because of her true love for her child. So, I bet you can guess who walked out with a child? Exactly, the true mother. She really loved her baby. True love will be willing to come together, listen and resolve for the greater good. Don’t ever forget that. Children always want their own way. Mature adults know how to come together.

          Destruction is the path of evil. It will ruin anything in its way. Love will extend healing. Arrogance will be replaced with understanding. After all, whoever thinks He or She is right should lay down their life for the sake of all. The blame game, finger pointing, lying, accusing is getting us nowhere. Jesus Christ who by the way makes Solomon look ignorant in comparison said this for a very wounded woman one day; “To you who has no sin, cast the first stone.” Maybe we could leave our collection of stones in the woods? When no one took the bait, Jesus asked the woman “Where are your accusers?” you see none of us are without error. We all have stuff. However, if we want our idea or solution heard, we better come in LOVE. That is the only working principle that will bring lasting, universal change. Not our politics. Remember: Jesus prayed like this: “Come thy Kingdom. Be done thy will, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Now, I ask you is what we’re looking at resemble Heaven? O.K. then, let’s get on our knees and begin praying. Change must first begin in the heart and then it will reach to the streets of our Nation.

See You In The War Room,

Prophet Kathie

Thursday, January 12, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

“Happy New Year” and may the next 12 months prove to be satisfying in every respect. As this year rolls out month after month we can decide to look forward and make choices consistent with our values or we can waddle through and hope for change. I don’t necessarily believe in “New Year” resolutions. Experience has taught me it is the daily resolution to follow God and His Word that brings to me a good result. Conditions change as I learn to live my life from the inside out. When I allow the Lord to change me, my mind, my attitude, my decisions, my outward situations begin to take a new form and things get better.

I choose not to live in the rear view mirror. I don’t rehearse; “I wish I could of”, “Why didn’t it happen another way?”, if “I could do it over”. The point of looking backward is only to give God praise for helping you learn from your mistakes and be so grateful for the opportunity to make better decisions because I have learned my lesson! This is why from one generation to another we learn, we grow, we push, we live, we love, we change and pass on to those coming behind us graceful mentoring, so the achievement of those behind us can go to a higher level. Consequently, the next generation starts at a higher marking place and in turn do the same loving mentorship to those behind them.

Making an investment for others to do more is always worth the effort. Long after you and I are gone, the light of legacy shines as a guiding pathway for others to follow. Choose to pursue significance not just success. Keep putting a picture in front of those following you of what can happen when the priority is to build something that lasts longer then our life-span. In other words, selfishness must be dealt with. Large houses, fancy clothes, big bank accounts, luxury cars do not denote a satisfied well lived life. Someone watching you who has determined “I will change” because of what I saw in you is what we must recognize as lasting significance. Although everyone likes to be awarded for a job well done, we cannot live solely for the award. Influence is the mark of a good leader. If we can influence a generation to follow after a relationship with God rather than Facebook, what an accomplishment! If a street, building, or statue bears your name that is nice, but it ends with you. Strive to model a behavior that will impact and change a people who will do unto others as they have had done for them.

When we focus on developing people rather than personal fulfillment, we can leave this planet with a hope for it’s better future. People make a difference. Our families, communities, friendships and faith in God are what make life a beautiful gift. Our ability to think, create, develop, love add to the quality of those we touch. As we move into every new month of this New Year, may we ask our God for favor and the courage to be there for someone else. Who knows, you may be molding the next Billy Graham or Martin Luther King.

Think About It!
Prophet Kathie