Monday, July 10, 2017

               “It’s Just A Thought”

        All of us have been made in the image of our creator. Our rights, dignity, gifts, and freedoms, were always meant to be used as a benefit for our life, others, and to glorify God. As we mature in our spiritual gifting’s, character, emotions and intellect, we realize that by giving our gift away we learn the lesson of the “Secret Sauce” for life. We are the workmanship of God. We are unique, special, not made on an assembly line, but rather in the heart of God for a particular purpose. We are the original creation of an original God. Our destiny is wrapped in external purpose designed to bring blessings to our generation, and those yet to come. If we pray and seek the will of God we will be led to discover a life of richness and joy. He will guide us through our “genuine” life experiences to find our place on this planet and the reason for our existence. Although we were created equal by our Lord’s measurement, we should always guard our thoughts and actions. Too many of us believe a bad report about ourselves and thus hinder the uniqueness of our life journey.

        Only believers receive God empowered abilities. These abilities are meant to serve God and bless others. You see, our Father wants His church family to truly realize we have been “called out”. We have within the framework of the family to meet every need. We pray prayers that changes situations, and within the family we find there is more than enough! We are truly blessed in our connection to our Lord and the life flow from our creator floods us with the Spirit of more than enough! No one should be found wanting if we stay true to our spiritual framework.We cannot earn the Love of God, neither do we deserve it! Everything from our Father is a GIFT!! The gift pours from Him to us and we allow these special gifts to flow to others. Remember our gift will make room for itself. In each of us is the great hope from God that we learn how to depend on each other.

        Since everything we have has been gifted to us from God we do not own them. Rather, freely we have received, freely we give. It will be returned to you by God through a plethora of means. The body of Christ is meant to care for her-self by the empowering grace of Almighty God. Serve God from your heart, you will know you are when you do so with enthusiasm. No one has to motivate you, challenge you, or check up on you. You do it for the shear enjoyment of it and you are not looking for rewards, applause, or payment. You love serving in the capacity that you are in. Passion drives perfection. If you don’t care about what you are doing you probably will never be good at it. The greatest achievers are those who do what they do out of passion. So, pray, listen, and get in tune with your gifting’s and calling. We all need you and are waiting for you to step up, move out, bless those around you and give all the glory back to God! Believe, and you will love your journey!

God Bless You,
Until The Next Time,
Prophet Kathie