Friday, May 27, 2016

“It’s Just A Thought”

        I believe that God has desire for ALL of His children to do well in life. The scripture godliness and contentment equals great gain explains how we should strive for inner grace to live a great life. Problems will come, distractions caused by pain, loss or failure, will certainly invade our personal space. However, if we persist in our daily life to attain the presence of God in our mind we will follow a great heritage of Jesus Christ and His power. Our gain is the inner eternal peace of “Be still and know I am God”.

        As we walk through life may we continue to ask the Lord to keep us in perfect peace. Our mind being renewed is imperative to a life well lived. Our mind, eyes, ears, mouth and heart, are the gate-keeper’s to our soul. They need to be stabilized by the Word of God, great discipline and healthy relationships. Our strength is in God, however we must maintain healthy habits. So let us consider the following;

·             Please don’t waste your energy on feeling sorry for yourself. Lose track of your hard days. By all means allow yourself the absolute benefit of healing. Do not however keep rehearsing all the bad days. Look to the horizon for the “Best is yet to come”. Hardship is inevitable, feeling sorry for ourselves is a choice. Learn the absolute grace in being grateful.

·        Please don’t give away your power. You can’t be a victim and mentally strong; that’s impossible. Don’t give others power over you. No one has the power over the way you think, feel or behave. Empower your choices by realizing your making them.

·        Never feel you are owed your success in life. Neither are you owed failures. We can be sure that both will come. If we learn to enjoy our wonderful savior and the benefits of a relationship with Him, we can stay in His love. Stay focused on doing the one thing daily needed to keep us moving in our faith, not our doubt and unbelief.

·        God is in our side and always will be.

        Every day of our life is a gift from Him. No matter what, believe our God will always cover us and keep us all the days of our life!

Until Next Time,

Prophet Kathie