Thursday, May 29, 2014

“It’s Just A Thought”

        “It” finally has arrived! A beautiful spring that is turning into a grand summer. I look outside and see the luscious green leaves in the trees. Grass that looks like a carpet of perfection. Flowers with rich color and birds singing to the glory of God. Yes, as you look at nature you realize God created it and in return she gives back beauty and serenity.

        In the midst of daily routines, it is a beautiful reminder to look at the beauty surrounding us. Take a deep breath and praise our Creator for His goodness in our lives. As the years roll by you want different things. Our children produce our grandchildren. Our grandchildren bring pure joy and happiness. Which by the way, make our smiles bright. So time spent with them is extremely beneficial. We hopefully choose time over money. Meditation and Prayer. Always making peace with the past.  We seize the moment and don’t over-think the future. If we live wisely moment by moment our future is secured by wisdom and Jesus.

        We learn to enjoy those simple moments that we decide to create.  We realize we all came into the world and will leave the world the same way, we were born and we will die. We learn to love every moment by trusting them to God. We smell flowers, bake cookies or at least eat some Oreo’s. We refuse to let ourselves grow old, just wiser.  Always letting “go” of anger. Never regretting life and its decisions.  Holding to a resolve “all things are working for our good.”

        Living our life in our new spring means we are developing in our character. We tell the truth and speak up for those who have no voice of their own. Taking lots of pictures and being sure they are framed.  Being able to share in other people’s happiness. Sending a card’ and being kind even when it is not deserved. Making people feel important and cherished.

        These are life lessons that can bloom from our life. Just like the bud’s on a tree. Our life is evolving from one season to another just like nature.  So, as we see the seasons come and go, may we fully engage in the moments that make life wonderful. Following our heart that follows Christ. Celebrating “New beginnings” that arise from the ashes of yesterday. Always praying for grace, mercy and the power of God living through us to pass on to others.

Enjoy your days
and the beauty of Summer fun,

Prophet Kathie