Thursday, June 15, 2017

                 “It’s Just A Thought”

Happy Father’s Day!

In a few days, we will celebrate our “Dad’s”. Families will gather together and show their father’s how much he is loved. Cards will be distributed, gifts will be exchanged and “Dad” will be made to feel super loved, a super hero, and #1.

Families who have a caring dad are blessed. It also is a proven fact for families to have a father who is present for his children, have a much better outcome than those who do not. A loving father builds a family from the inside out. He brings emotional, physical and spiritual dignity to his loved ones. One look into his eyes guarantees “Everything is going to be all right”. For a child this is epic.

Holding a family together with loving leadership is not always easy. We are real people living together as a family, engaging in a complex world, working through personal issues. There needs to be a constant within all the variables life gives to us. Somehow this unique responsibility of protecting and leading has been wired into our outstanding Fathers. They love to provide for their loved ones while daily slaying the dragon. Yes, good dad’s are eager to be the role model for their children and enjoy the fruit of their labor, every time their child excels in life. Proper instruction results in happy lives, and brings a sense of peace to the whole family.

What can we do to show our love and gratitude to the fathers who give so much? I think true understanding of their uniqueness is important. Sometimes it can be difficult for dad to express his thoughts, concerns, or fears. He needs to feel from his family a deep respect for who he is and all he tries to do.

We can welcome him home and lavish him with loving compliments. We can show our eagerness to be loving and present for him. It is the little things that establish the big results. Here are a few suggestions:

·         Show Dad Kindness.
·         Show an Interest in his daily routine.
·         Tell Him over and over ‘I Love You.’ And ‘I Respect You.’
·         Show Dad respect with obedience.
·         Never take Dad for granted.

Life is a process of growing. As we move into different seasons, may we remember family is our greatest asset. Keep giving and receiving understanding, love and respect. These three ingredients will produce an everlasting, positive, result. We all make mistakes and there are times we wish we could do somethings over. We are fallible human beings and with the grace of God as we grow we will be able to make less of them. However, keeping love as our focus, each member of this great human relationship called family grows and produces a living generational legacy. Who does not want that?

“Thank You” to every Dad who lives to give his family the love and understanding they need. May you live long, enjoy your children and grandchildren. May you see the labor of your love, live on in your children as they repeat all the wonderful values you instilled in them. Don’t get weary in well doing, never give up, your kindness, your love, and honor, will live on forever.

God Bless You,
Until The Next Time,

Prophet Kathie