Wednesday, March 29, 2017

“It’s Just A Thought”

Choice is a gift that we own as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom. We are able to exercise our free will and as believers hopefully we surrender to the Word of God as we make our decisions. Connecting our decisions by faith, to Christ led by wisdom, make them become divine. Every decision made by choice has attached to it a process. Where we are today, is a combination of everyday decisions let’s see how we can make good ones.

·        All successful people often joke that it took years to become an overnight wonder. It is the daily faithfulness to do mundane things well to develop productive habits and to remain faithful that eventually leads to successful endings. When we decide to serve life faithfully everyday favor leads us to great places. As women learning to become faithful, patient, influencers we can change another generation for good.

·        Refuse to allow things to get in our way. Determine if you’re headed in the right direction, if not change course and get on the right track. God does not want you to juggle so many balls that it feels impossible to keep going and impossible to stop. Learning to say no might help, you cannot do everything. Really, you cannot. Wait, get some good rest and get some godly wisdom from people you trust.

·        Stay where God planted you. When things get tough we sometimes want to throw our hands up and quit. Before making that decision, perhaps we should ask God first: “What do you want me to do?” Walking away may look very inviting, but what can God do if you have the courage to stay? Allow God His opportunity to turn things around, that is a GOOD decision.

·        Move as God says to. When God gives us a direction to move into, it can be scary. We usually want details and a sound assurance all will be well. However, God does not lead in that manner. He expects us to follow His directive by faith, trusting in a positive outcome.

We can be assured the road less travelled will be hard. You don’t need a detailed plan following the Lord, you need faith! You need to keep doing what you have done that brought you to this new place. Keep placing your trust and decisions on the faithfulness of God.

Try to remember the journey is everything. The day to day walk with the Holy Spirit is a thrill. How God is able to change us along the way while enabling us to a victory is everything. Your purpose is performed every day of your life; choose wisely. Your destiny is to be with Christ in Heaven forever. Enjoying His presence and rejoicing over His daily provision that got you through your day, to day.

God Bless You!

Prophet Kathie