Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I’ve been wondering if we are concerned with the direction our dear nation is headed in?  I’m not particularly speaking of our government; I am, however, speaking of us, the people of this nation.  As you know, our unique quality as Americans is our individual right to free speech and decisions. We are guaranteed by our constitution to these rights and so far, so good.  If used correctly, they have kept us united as a nation of law and order.

It has been the tradition of our nation to embrace our freedom of making choices a right, rather than a privilege.  Being born a citizen of America ensures us these rights.  We did not have to pay for them or be born in a certain circle.  No, if we were fortunate enough to be born within the borders of this nation, we can and should follow the dream of living free.

True freedom comes from within each of us.  Our moral code enables us to follow the path to a life that we get the privilege to chart out.  Education is key.  Knowledge enables us to understand facts.  The steps taken to obtain our education gives us the experience to live our life, and we need to respect both sides of this coin.

And so it is a sound fact, that we are producing graduates from High School that are unable to read at a 12th grade level.  Students are not performing well in their S.A.T. exams.  The cost of continuing education is staggering.  Add to that this; upon graduation, we have a job market that is extremely sluggish.  So, what does that produce?  Frustration!  Lots of effort, but little reward.  What happened to the dream?
Well, any dream that is essentially driven by the cause and effect of exterior gratification is temporal.  You must be guided by an internal, non-compromising element to achieve not only the goal, but complete satisfaction with it and the process in obtaining it.

Our families, then, are probably the place we need to focus our attention.  This is how the founding fathers created the documents our government is bound to abide by.  We, as a people, are bound together through families.  We connect, we teach, we grow, in love and respect.  These ethics are then taken and lived in society.  Where families struggle with ignorance and lack of resources, there is the potential for things to end badly.  Of course, things ending badly is not just for families who lack resources.  We see those who live with affluence make bad choices.  Why? Because again, what are we teaching ourselves and children?  If we are too busy, what remains externally sound in principals are ignored.   Ignore them, if you please, but the principal will not change.  Life is lived well, as we live with a moral code that is sound.

Obviously, we have been created by our Maker to thrive.  We were not built just to survive.  It hinders our creativity.  We were not created to accept someone else’s control over our life.  We create, we become the captain of our ship.  This, of course, needs to be directed by good morals and proper guidance of one main thing.  I am blessed to be a blessing!!  My life here is not for self-absorption.  I basically need to buy into the fact, left alone, with no proper moral compass; I want what I want, when I want it.  Education or not, that changes by giving myself to someone greater.  I need to let ME worship the one true God and not ME!

This exchange in life should be happening with Mothers, Fathers, grandparents.  Then teachers, helping in their prescribed area.  Schools, churches, communities, are not a substitute for healthy, loving homes.

Yes, our journey begins there.  Sometimes, our homes are places of great disappointment.  However, I think if we work hard to bring healing  through the arenas available, we can begin to get back on the road to contentment with godliness.  This equals great gain.  We will explore these venues later.  But, for now, life is based on our choices.  Let’s wake up and take back our life.  It really is ours to live.  May our eternal God be our one main Source of practical help in charting our course.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie