Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love is calling to the broken of heart, the lonely of soul, and that one who is desperate for a new beginning.  A new dispensation of grace is being poured out from Heaven upon us to believe; that our future is still full of promise.

We do not need to expect a fruitless future.  We can move with confidence knowing that even in disappointment, God is still able to bring perfect closure.

The great gift that knowing Jesus brings to us is a new beginning!  Faith in His ability to perform for us the impossible, allows there to be endings, so we can advance to our beginnings.  No longer do we need to walk through our life with heavy weights of extra baggage.  We are not designed to carry the old negativity of our lives.  Rather, God wants to gather all of our life’s ingredients and create continuous levels of understanding and poise.

Focusing on where we are going can only take place when we deal with where we have been.  We leave the situation of life in the hands of our Father.  We learn our lessons and embrace everything as working for our good and a God-given result.  What we gain increases us as a person and is a benefit to others in need.  You and I were not singled out by God to solve all of life’s mysteries but we are called to help make things better for others.  Instead of allowing ourselves to lose hope, when being pressed, we should understand that as long as we keep our hearts open to His love, we cannot fail.  Jesus went through too much agony for us to live defeated.  The enemy of our soul relishes in lying to us concerning our future.  He is desperate.  Understand, because his weapon of choice is to blind you, keep you locked down in hopelessness, and cause you to give up.  Even if you feel another step forward is impossible for you to achieve, do it to make your enemy embarrassed at your achievement.

Love will never fail, never give up, and always rejoice when truth wins out.  The truth here is you, our brothers, and sisters, are made in the image of God.  We are on the level of “It is well with my soul”.  Take the very best of what Jesus has to offer you; closure, so you can begin afresh and brand new.

This is Love Calling
Out to the Broken.
In Jesus’ Name.

Until the Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

Monday, May 13, 2013

We sing a song in our church, “Did you feel the mountains tremble? and did you hear the people roar? Our precious Jesus Christ is Lord.”  It is a marvelous song of victory.

Praise God!  As Christians, we celebrated Resurrection Sunday, and our victory in Christ.  Oh, death where is your sting?  Where is your victory?  Death has been swallowed up by the resurrection of our dear Savior.  Because Jesus lives, we live!  Jesus is our victory over sin, sickness, and death.  We are all just passing through this life, but we are not to view Earth as our home.  Jesus Christ is waiting for us in our eternal home.  One day, we will be united with those that have gone before us and with our precious Christ.

This earth realm is a place for us to live and be the extension of God and His love.  We are given the opportunity to live with joy, putting our hand to the plow of life making a garden for the glory of our God.  We exist for His good pleasure.  We live and have our being because of Him, and every one of us was created for purpose.  Our job is to connect with that.

No job is demeaning if done for the glory of God.  Whatever is in your hand to do, do it with all of your heart.  As we find our passion in loving Jesus, He will teach us how to become vessels of honor.  Stop arguing with the voices that tell you, life will never change.  If you are changing, then what is around you has to change.  The Spirit of Christ lives in you.  He cannot fail, and if you and I do not give up, but continue to press into the love and wisdom of God, we will see change come to the bleakest of circumstances.

America is still poised to be a great nation.  What God has started, He will finish.   We, as  men  and  women  of  God,  must cling as never before to the Word of God.  He will defeat all darkness with His light.  When we freely engage with His purposes, we will see things move from the negative side to the positive.  It will be a fight; it will take a firm decision, but we must  “stand, having done all, stand”!  God will do our fighting.  He has the strength, might, power, and final authority.

Yes, Church, it may at times, seem as if everything is eroding under our feet.  We may feel overwhelmed by the news or circumstances of our life.  However, God is still a reliable Father.  He holds the answers to our problems.  Our hope, grounded in love, will bring us safely home.  While we pass here, let us worship our Christ with a voice of gratitude.  Oh yes, the mountains will tremble at the Word of God.  People, rejoice; He has not changed.  His eternal favor is upon us forever.  To God be the Glory, forever and ever.

Till the next time,
Prophet Kathie