Wednesday, December 4, 2013

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come; let Earth receive her King”.  What an awesome proclamation!  Indeed, a most blessed event!  Joy indwelling in a King who arrived in swaddling clothes.  The announcement to all being; ‘Peace to you, my Father has sent Me because He loves you.’  All we had was the responsibility to believe.  Believe that no matter what we had done or could do, forgiveness was possible.  Everlasting life was our reward and if we would pursue Christ, our destiny would unfold like a beautiful tapestry.  Again, we were only asked to believe that through Christ, all of this could be possible.

The year 2013 has not been without its fair share of difficulties.  People have suffered loss.  Families scarred by tragedies.  Governments on the verge of collapse.  Famine, floods, out-of-control inflation, and sadly, a decline of spiritual hunger in our nation.  It seems to me as if we need a fresh, new, “Christmas”.  The kind that only can come when Jesus Christ is the center.  You know, the kind that entered the world 2,000 years ago.  The one where complete humility, transparency, love, kindness, and joy, come to dwell within us.  You see, the condition of mankind, now and then, remains the same.

need a “Christ-filled” Christmas!!

 Life, without the Giver of life, is no life at all.  We just merely exist.  All is meaningless.  Our life becomes a futile journey of self-preservation and fulfillment.  Everything becomes centered around careless greed.  This is what we are without our life centered in Christ.

We are being called by our Creator to a “New Life”.  A life lived from the place of a “New Heart”.  A loving place of self-denial.  A life of trusting in the cross, to discovering the significance of Christ.  His wisdom guides us to a place of significance in Him.  The more we lay ourselves down, the more we are raised into the sphere of what matters.  A heart that can finally find rest in the sanctuary of an eternal King.  An everlasting Father desperate to reveal Himself to each of us.  He longs to bring complete healing to our most broken places.  Again, what must we do?  Just believe!  Let go of all that might try to hold us back from the truth of Christmas and make a conscious decision to receive Christmas for the unique, pure gift that it is.

This year, may we all open up our hearts in a fresh, new way.  Allow the new hope of a risen Christ renew our life.  As we celebrate with family and friends, keep your eyes on the greatest prize.  Christ, Christ, Christ.  He is the most beautiful gift ever given.  He will never fade, grow old, go out of style or become a passing fad.  No, Jesus is FOREVER!!  Always on time and can outlast every trial of life.  Let’s open ourselves up and invite the gift that will only bring tremendous blessing.   Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Merry Christmas to You,

Prophet Kathie