Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Happy Summer to Everyone. Hope you enjoy your family, friends and most importantly your Father who makes all things abound to you by His grace. Last Friday at 3:30 a.m. I was up and found it hard to fall back to sleep, so I decided to read a little and before long found myself with a pen and paper. Hope you are blessed and please no matter where you may find yourself today, remain encouraged. Your God has everything under control.       

2019Transition Year –“

Though situations have meant to develop you into mature spiritual sons/daughters, and a time of crossing over to a “New Beginning”. Although 2019 could look tumultuous and overarching at times, the true goal was to reach new places in your heart with Christ. 2019 was to bring closure to old patterns, places, and things. From the ashes of your yesterdays, the spring board of new hope, new horizons and beginnings are coming into the heart of the seeker who would become the “New Overcomer”… God is using the less familiar to produce muscles of faith, steadfastness and courage into every believers heart.

The pressure has caused some to grow weary, wither and faint. Running to area’s less formidable. However, there will be no lasting provision for the wanderer. Their travels will leave them drier, thirstier, and hungrier than before. Only those who are persistent will receive their reward.

The Hebrew year number for 2019 is 5779. A great awakening has been taking place all year. June is another transitioning from one place to another. Hands open to RECEIVE is entirely different than hands open to GET. God has said to the astute - this month begins a walking out-to walking into an entire new course of destiny. 5780 is the Hebrew number for the new year. Interesting 8 stands for New Beginnings!! 2020 – is our calendar year for the making of a whole new shift and level of God!!

To him who has an ear to hear – let him hear what the Spirit is saying:

“Your responsibility is to allow me to develop you  -  open your hands to receive the new - allow the crushing of the old order – It cannot work or be of any value in my new dispensation. Align your life to the true and only calendar of your life.” Align with God’s biblical alignment.

We are on the Bridge – However when we leave the bridge, we will be in a whole new level of grace.  

Keep Walking
We are about to change the world!

Until Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

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