Thursday, May 28, 2015

“It’s Just A Thought”

       While reading an article the other day, I came across a quote from Plato. “Be Kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” That so inspired me to think and act in larger circles of “intentional” kindness. When you stop to think about it, people everywhere need simple everyday gestures of kind behavior to help balance out the imposing negatives.

        Do you get inside your own head sometimes and find reaching out to others difficult? You know, the old lies come circling around. What do you possibly have that will make a difference for someone else? Or this one gets played a lot, if you know the Word so well, why is it not working for you today? Lies, lies, lies. When our mind is bombarded with these, you sometimes feel paralyzed to move. However, I have found, if we can just smile at someone, we can begin to see the cycle of attack leave. You see, being kind does not mean you need to save the day. It means that from my core, even though I am in a hard place, I choose to let a smile rest on my face and a “kind” word leaves my mouth. God sees that and will come by defending you in the presence of your enemy.

        King David said: “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, or their seed begging bread.” I believe that scripture with all my heart. God will not allow His people to ever be ashamed of Him. He will protect, provide and keep us from the evil of this world. Our part is to remain in Him. We live with the internal determination that no matter how I feel, I will extend a gracious spirit to my family, friend and neighbor. 

The little things that can make an impact on a life. You know shopping and looking up from our coupons and cart to notice someone is trying to get by us in the aisle. Stopping for gas, while being in a hurry and letting your neighbor go first. Oh, yes, while sporting a smile. Allowing someone else to get the last can of whatever from the grocery aisle. Come on, you can do it, you probably have 3 cans of whatever still at home. Waiting kindly for an elderly couple trying to cross the street, with a walker. Don’t join the others in protest rushing them along. Be kind and easily entreated, someday that will be you and me. You’ll never know what your smile, at the crazy check out, did for the already exhausted store clerk. Sure we can find a lot of reasons why we can stay in our own head. But, if we begin to train ourselves to show kindness as a daily response, we build for ourselves heavenly treasure. We also will be surprised how our actions of love will build a barrier in our minds of health and prosperity.

        Yes, life is a battle for us all. At times our mind can feel as if it is going down for the count. In spite of all that, resolve now in your heart, God will sort out everything. While we are destined to win our battles, we must show kindness to others and we will have a measure of that come back to us when we need it most. Let’s give a smile away one at a time and as a very good friend of mine taught me to say no matter what the condition or circumstance might be:

“It’s a great Day”
Until the next time,

Prophet Kathie

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