Wednesday, August 31, 2016

“It’s Just A Thought”

Have you ever challenged yourself with the age old question; “What if?” What if I had the resources and ability to accomplish my passion in life, what would  I be able to do? An extraordinary life is built on great desire, discipline, and faithful fortitude to “Finish”!

“What if” I told you that God created you to dream for your life and future? It is our responsibility to search out our life and expand on what we have been given. For example, if we love to sow, maybe we could dream about becoming a clothing designer. Our gift is fueled by our passion and our passion should be to take our gift to be a blessing to others. Think about it, business is based on supplying the public with a product that is needed and the community to engage in daily life. We have within our D.N.A. from our creator the ability to help each other achieve great things. As we become more integrated within ourselves, it becomes a natural expression to give what has been given to us. Every invention, every product, everything we see serving the masses came by an idea. The idea is birthed and a benefit has been created.

Think about what you need on a daily basis. The groceries, they came from somewhere. The clothes you wear, prescriptions you need, the school’s our children attend. The electricity to supply your ability to plug in all your technology. All of these wonderful things we have to help us came from men and women who followed their dream and passion.
Our passion fuels our drive to overcome obstacles. Jump hurdles. Overcome disappointments. Heal from failures. Think beyond the current crisis. Move past the naysayers. Yes, in the end when sometimes it seems impossible to obtain your goal the completed work is achieved and in turn it will help others on their particular journey. The end of it all should answer this question. “What if?” You see we are all here learning to live life in a respectful, loving manner. No matter what we go to everyday as our profession, it should be lived through the lens of service. Our life becomes enriched by helping others. It is just the way we all are wired.

Next time you feel like giving up or giving in, remember deep inside of you is a creative power. The power to succeed may be a small flicker, but every step you take will turn it into a flame. Who you are and what you have to give has an audience waiting for you to appear. “What if” you tried? What could change? What could become better? Only you and time can tell.

Until The Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

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