Tuesday, September 27, 2016

“It’s Just A Thought”

To all my friends and colleagues I have come to the conclusion, as we get older we need to be answering the all-important question of time and life. What may that be you might ask; here it is, “Are we leaving our family, our community, organization’s and friends better than we found them? Have we fully embraced we are to steward properly what has been entrusted to us?

In life, we need to stand true to our principles and values. In making decisions staying the course of what is at our core is crucial. Sometimes as we are living our lives and offering guidance for others, stress result’s because we are not holding to our core belief system. While trying to help, we compromise on what is essential to our life. This is a mistake and will cost us dearly. The more responsibility we have the more our decisions need to be about the good of all rather than just our self. We all are leaving a legacy behind us, may we leave one that we can be proud of. While we are all endeavoring to manage our time, our activities, children and finances, we need to always look at; if I do this today, what will be the outcome for those I love in the future? Sometimes the voices crying out the loudest for our attention need to be ignored and our focus needs to be long term. For example, if I take that job promotion although more money may come to my coffers, what will the long term effect be on my family? Will I have quality time to spend with my children? With my spouse? Will it affect my time with Jesus? My church community? The instant rise of cash flow, may not be all that good for the long term health of my family.
Our core will always speak loudly. We will know in our knower if it is well with our soul. Life is way to fragile not to be concerned with our decisions. We should always apply constant principles of safety when we think of change. To successfully go from faith to faith and glory to glory, keep a few grounded principles in view.

·        Never bring change to your life without already creating a safe, stable, loving environment. Change is difficult enough, there must be stability within you, your family, or people you lead before moving to the unknown.

·        Be sure in the change, your family, organization, or yourself, have a healthy understanding of people-first culture.

·        Lead with love, grace and humility.

·        Always be honest with information. Your expectations should always match what you are willing to do.

No matter what may happen along the way, if we keep being honest, making decisions based on the best interest of all, things will work out. Everything in life is relational, the better we connect, the better the outcome for all. There is an old saying: “Work hard and stay humble.”

Every blessing, victory and great outcome is derived from a love of truth and respect for hard work. You will do well to remember God is in love with you. Ready to make your path stable and full of blessings! Be encouraged the best for you and those you love is yet to come!

Until The Next Time,
Prophet Kathie

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